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Apple Nano-SIM Update: Voting ETSI Postponed for at least 30 Days

Last monday we already informed you about all the buzz regarding the new Apple Nano-SIM and the opponant propositions of RIM / Nokia and their battle to become the new European Standard. Yesterday, a meeting of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute (ETSI) was planned and they should have voted today. Unfortunately the ETSI postponed it. What happened? Details after the break.

During the meeting on Thursday, it already was clear that there were big differences in opinions about the new standard, which made it impossible to reach an agreement. Now the ETSI decided not to hold the planned vote for Friday. According to the rules of the ETSI, the voting will now be postponed for at least 30 days. This will give both Apple and Nokia the time to convince each other to adopt their proposed Nano SIM-card.

Apple Nano-SIM Technology

Nokia Holds Essential Licenses

According to 'Les Echos', an authoritative of French Financial website, is Nokia unwilling to license its essential patents, in the event that the proposition of Apple is chosen. Combined with the resistance of Sandisk, who also holds essential patents for the new SIM-Card, against the proposal of Nokia. So it was practicly impossible to come to an agreement for now.

Apple proposed last week unexpectedly that it would allow royalty-free licensing if all competitors adopt the Apple standard. Nokia reacted that this is ‘no more than an attempt to devalue the intellectual property of others’.

Is Apple Manipulating the Voting for Apple Nano-SIM?

Even before the start of the meeting, RIM sent a letter to the ETSI stating that Apple was manipulating the vote by having company representatives change their affiliation to cast proxy votes. RIM named at least 3 supposed Apple Employees who changed their affiliation 'overnight' and registered to the meeting to participate in the vote. If this is true, it would be in violation of the ETSI Technical Working Procedures. The votes can be disqualified for this, or worse!

Apple is certainly trying hard for its new Apple Nano-SIM, but we would have to wait till next month to see how things shape up. [via Les Echos-France, vía Foss Patents]

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