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Apple Updates AppleTV, iCloud, iWork and iPhoto to Use New iPad Features

Last Wednesday, March 7th, Tim Cook unveiled the long expected iPad 3 or the ‘New iPad’ as Apple named it. The amazing retina display, together with the new A5X-engine and the capability for 1080p HD Video were very impressive. And to use these new features, Apple also updated the AppleTV, iCloud and the software that uses HQ images and video.


It was already rumored that the new iPad would have a possibility of 1080p video, so a logical step for the AppleTV is an update to enable this long expected feature.

Eddy Cue, Vice President at Apple, proudly presented the new features. Particularly the new User Interface has more feels and looks similar to other iOS devices. As you see in the picture, the buttons have a better ‘app-look’ with direct access to movies, music, TV shows, computers and settings. Also, trough the same buttons, access to services like NHL, NBA, MLB and Netflix is available.

New Apple TV

Phill Schiller, Vice President World Wide Marketing, also pointed out that “it is now easier than ever to use this with the ability to access your purchased movies, TV shows and music right from iCloud.” The new AppleTV will be on sale next week for the unbelievable price of $99.


Apple also expanded the possibilities to use iTunes in iCloud. The most appealing new feature is the ability to re-download all the content you already purchased on another device. And this includes all the 1080p HD TV Shows and movies.


To take full advantage of the retina display on the new iPad, all the iWork applications have been updated. New features are 3D charting and animations together with the transition features you find in the desktop versions. As of this moment, they are available in the app-store for $9,99 per app. For the ones who already purchased iWork or a single app, the update is free of charge!

New iPad


Also Garageband is updated with better images using the full capacity of the retina display. A really fun feature is the jam session: Make music together with 3 friends with WiFi or Bluetooth connected devices. Also available at the App Store for $4,99.


Digital Photography is easy and cheap, so probably you take a lot of pictures. But how to select the best one? Apple tackled that problem with smart browsing: Just double-tap on a photo, and iPhoto finds and displays all similar photos for you. Just select the best one and flag it. Problem solved!

Also impressive is the multi-touch editing. You can use professional-quality effects and brushes to make your best picture even look better. And what do you think of the amazing possibility to make a journal, tell a story with pictures, maps, dates etc. Just try it out!

Of course you can quickly share your best photos on Facebook, Twitter or Flickr. Or stream them on your HDTV to share them with friends and family. It is clear that the new iPad, combined with all the amazing features of iPhoto, iWork and iCloud, is a big enhancement in the wireless, digital hub at home or at work. Have fun! [via AppleInsider]

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