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Top 10 Most Famous Meme Faces on Internet

Meme faces, are you familiar with them? As someone who spends so much time in the internet, you are bound to come across an internet meme that will no doubt make you laugh your guts out. With regards to internet meme, probably some of the most common ones are Rage faces (a.k.a. Rage comic or reaction faces). These prevalent images depict over-exaggerated facial expressions and are used specifically to portray a certain emotion in response to something that has been said. Now we will be listing the Top 10 Most Famous Meme Faces on Internet.

Meme Faces
NOTE: Some of these entries contains languages that are NSFW (Not Safe for Work).

Okay Guy

Okay Guy Meme Face
Okay Guy meme face is generally used in compliance to something although the person doesn't necessarily agree with it or have no choice but to agree just to be included. The image depicts a face of a tame-looking, overly-agreeable man who's looking downward and as if he's whispering the word "okay" to himself. This rage face is unlike other meme faces in a sense that it the reaction is not negative. Always best used as an anti-climactic response.

Best of Okay Guy

Best of Okay Guy Meme Face
Best of Okay Guy Meme Face 2

Oh Crap

Oh Crap Meme Face
Also known as the OMG Rage Face, this meme face depicts the a sketch drawing of a man throwing his head back with a scowl on his face that expresses astonishment, realization and surprise. It is usually accompanied with large red or white text to depict the character's thoughts. There is another version of this meme which is angrier, complete with red eyes and large clenched teeth.

Best of Oh Crap / OMG Rage Face

Oh Crap Meme Face 1
Oh Crap Meme Face 3

"Y U NO" Guy

Y U NO Guy Meme Face
“Y U NO” Guy is an image macro series that uses carefree grammar that actually stands for “why you no” in plain English. This image meme is usually used to bring someone’s attention on a particular subject or issue or to complain about something. The face depicts a round head attached on a stick figure with a rather detailed and unique facial expression that's full of rage frustration. This meme (or specifically the character's expression) came from a Japanese manga called Gantz.

Best of "Y U NO" Guy

Best of Y U NO Guy 2
Best of Y U NO Guy 1

Me Gusta

Me Gusta Meme Face
Me Gusta is a meme face characterized by a very round head, scrunched-up face and bulging, bloodshot eyes. Me Gusta means "it pleases me" in Spanish and the direct translation means “I like it” in English. The meme is usually used to respond to something awkward or disgusting. It was originally used in sexually perverse contexts but over time it has evolved to include a more general disturbing enjoyment.

Best of Me Gusta

Best of Me Gusta Meme Face 1

F*ck Yea

Fck Yeah Meme Face
F*ck Yea is a part of a four pane cartoon strip involving stick figure that looks rather proud and complacent, for all the right reasons. This meme is frequently used to illustrate all kinds of triumphant moments or achievements in our daily lives that makes us feel so proud and awesome. Some of these achievements can be rather mundane like waking up in the morning before the alarm clock buzzes.

Best of F*ck Yea

Best of Fck Yeah Meme Face 1
Best of Fck Yeah Meme Face 2

Aww Yea Guy

Aww Yea Meme Face
This meme is characterized with a drawing of a complacent looking man leaning backwards and shouting "aww yea." The image is usually used to express feelings of success or accomplishment in any given situation. It can also be used to congratulate someone. The man depicted in the image is actually a vectorized version J. Jonah Jameson, Peter Parker's boss from the movie Spiderman 2.

Best of Aww Yea Guy

Best of Aww Yeah Meme Face 2

Cereal Guy

Cereal Guy Meme Face
Cereal Guy is stick figure character that is frequently used in discussion forums and imageboards. This simple drawing is mainly utilized to convey a particular reaction to something. Generally, it is often used as a part of the Rage comic series which may or may not incorporate other memes. The image depicts a stick figure character with a rather strong opinion and talking with a mouth-full of cereal. Whatever he's saying, he wants you to just shut up and listen.

Best of Cereal Guy

Best of Cereal Guy Meme Face
Best of Cereal Guy Meme Face 2


Rage Guy Meme Face
Probably one of the most famous meme faces in the planet and for good reason. Rage Guy is mainly used as a reaction to everyday life situations when things just doesn't go your way and before you know it, you find yourself shouting expletives at the top of your lungs. The image depicts a character screaming with rage and exasperation. Because of this meme's popularity and exploitability, it has spawned a comic series known as Rage Comics. Most of the situations that are illustrated by this meme are funny because it is so relatable.

Best of Rage Guy

Best of Rage Guy Meme Face
Best of Rage Guy Meme Face 2

Trollface / Coolface / Problem?

Trollface Meme Face
Possibly one of the oldest meme, if not the oldest meme on this list. Trollface is also one of the most recognizable meme faces out there, it is simply a classic. Trollface is characterized with a face having a large mischievous grin that is meant to portray the expression of someone who is trolling. This meme is used with an intention to troll, annoy or aggravate someone. Trollface often asks the question, "Problem?" "U Mad?" or "U Mad Bro?"

Best of Trollface

Best of Trollface Meme Face
Best of Trollface Meme Face 2

Forever Alone

Forever Alone Meme Face
Forever Alone meme face is widely used to express loneliness and disappointment with life. It is for those moments when a person has no one to spend company with. It is an exploitable comic character that is often used to tell stories with single life or relationship troubles as a subject. A perfect meme to use to make fun of even the loneliest moments. Definitely one of the most famous meme faces on the web and certainly one of the funniest as well.

Best of Forever Alone

Best of Forever Alone Meme Face 1
Best of Forever Alone Meme Face 2
Best of Forever Alone Meme Face 3

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