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PushTone: Assign Custom Tones for App Notifications [Jailbreak Tweak]

Ever since the invention of mobile phones, one of its most useful and interesting features is definitely ringtones. However, with the current modern smartphones, having one single tone just doesn't cut it because aside from messages, there are other notifications to keep track as well. Now it can become quite annoying if many of your applications use only a single alert tone, and in iOS's case, the tri-tone. Now here's a jailbreak tweak that looks to address such an annoyance.

PushTone Jailbreak Tweak
This new featured jailbreak tweak is called PushTone by iOS developer yeahwangy. What this tweak does is that it will enable you to assign a specific tone to an application which will sound each time when the app sends a notification. You can assign a tone for an app under the Notification settings. At the Notification setting of each app, you should be able to see a new Push Tone option once the tweak has been installed.
PushTone Jailbreak Tweak Settings
This way you will be able to assign a special tone for apps that you frequently use. Want a special tone for your Facebook notifications? Or perhaps a more distinguishable tone for your Twitter notifications? Assigning a new tone for each of your app is simple and straightforward. By default, PushTone will be set to None which means that each time you receive a notification, the default sound will be played. You can also use custom ring tones that you have downloaded from iTunes.

This tweak is especially useful if you are often looking forward to notifications of selected applications and doesn't want to bother checking the device for each sound it makes. PushTone is now available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

To use this neat jailbreak tweak, you must of course have a jailbroken iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Lucky for you, we have the tutorials that you need. For iPhone 4S and iPad 2 users, you will need to download the Absinthe Jailbreak Tool and follow these tutorials: To jailbreak your iDevice on Mac using Absinthe, refer to our Jailbreak iPhone 4S Guide for Mac or for Windows users, you can read our Jailbreak iPhone 4S Guide for Windows. As for the rest of the devices (A4), you can use our iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak guide. [via ModMyi]

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