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Microsoft Office for iPad, Coming Soon to the App Store [IMAGE]

As a software company, Microsoft is certainly one of the industry leaders. One of the most popular products of Microsoft is definitely the productivity suite, Office. Considering just how uber-popular Apple's iOS devices are, one would think that by now Microsoft has already ported Office to such devices. Well, according to a new report, Microsoft Office is finally heading to iOS and it is expected to come in a few weeks.

Microsoft Office for iOS
The report came straight from The Daily, an iPad exclusive national news brand. The folks at the The Daily claims that they were able to have a brief hands-on with the iPad version of Microsoft's Office Suite. In order to prove that the product actually exists, they have provided a screenshot of the suite running on an iPad. Check the screenshot of the app below:
Office for iPad
Through the brief hands-on with the iPad Office Suite, several things were revealed. The Office's interface is very similar to the one that's found on the OneNote app with a touch of Metro that's found on Windows Phone and the soon to be released, Windows 8 operating system for desktop. Applications of the suite such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint can be created and edited both locally and online. It is unknown whether other Office apps would be included at launch.

According to the sources that are "familiar with the matter", Microsoft no plans to release an Android version of the app. Also, no word yet on the exact release date but the project is already allegedly wrapped up which means that it could go live in a few weeks.

Are you excited for an iOS version of Microsoft Office? Or will you be sticking with Apple's iWork? [via 9to5Mac]

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