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iPad 3 Shipment to U.S. Shores Has Already Begun [RUMOR]

If you have been keeping yourself in the loop with regards to the upcoming launch of the iPad 3, you will most likely know that the expected release is really close. Now we have received a report that Apple is already preparing for the release of the iPad 3. More details after the jump.

iPad 3 Being Loaded to Planes
According to a report by Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, he has come across an alleged leaked shipping document indicating that China has already begun the shipping of next generation iPad and it is on its way to U.S. as of this writing. The leaked shipping document came from China's Twitter-like service called Sina Weibo, although there are those who claim that its true origin came from WeiPhone forums. According to the document, shipments started to roll out during Sunday, Feb. 26 from Foxconn to the United States. As per a translation of a Chinese speaking reader:

Our company started undertake a load of top-secured cargo. The owner has extreme requirements for the security. In order to prevent the cargo from being dragged on the airport ramp for too long, as well as shortening the time the cargo stay on the airport ramp, we hereby require XXXX to schedule all the XXX cargo planes from Feb. 26 to Mar. 9. to XXX slot.

Leaked iPad 3 Shipping Document
In addition to that, sources are saying that Apple might be taking pre-orders for the iPad 3. If anyone can recall, the iPad 2 was not available for pre-order but the original iPad did. Sources also added that pre-orders could start as early as March 7th. Note that previous reports indicated that the official announcement was pegged on March 7th which is becoming more plausible as we approach the date.

Also according to the report, it is also possible that Apple will be discontinuing the iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G and iPad 2 Wi-Fi only models (except the black and white 16GB units—at least initially) once the iPad 3 launches. It's getting real close folks! [via 9to5Mac]

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