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iPad 3’s Screen is “Truly Amazing”, Says Apple Employee

If you have been closely following our blog, then you will know that the next iteration of the iPad is rumored to be announced next month. Yesterday we brought to you a report that Apple is planning to launch the iPad 3 on the first week of March which kind of makes sense because it follows the iPad's annual release cycle. Now we get another report that puts more weight into the rumor and it involves an Apple employee's comment about the iPad 3's screen.

iPad 3
This report about the next-generation iPad came from the New York Times. The famous publication confirmed that the device will be announced early next month, according to people who are familiar with the company's plans. An Apple employee also added that the new iPad is already undergoing internal testing. As the employee described, the new iPad is "essentially the same size and shape as the iPad 2" and the screen is "truly amazing". As with previous reports, the tablet will feature a faster processor.

And of course, it is still not clear whether the product will indeed officially be called the iPad 3. It is very much possible that the Cupertino company will pull an iPhone 4S on us, when everyone was expecting an iPhone 5 to be announced. Details are still pretty much slim about the improvements about the next iPad. But we do know based on previous reports that it will feature an HD Retina Display capable of resolution of up to 2048×1536, faster processors, improved camera and with similar form factor to the iPad 2 but slightly thicker. And although unlikely, it is said that another iPad will be released at around fourth quarter of this year. [via NewYorkTimes]

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