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Chrome For Android VS Mobile Safari: Head-to-Head Comparison [VIDEO]

In the past, there has always been a race with regards to which web browser is the greatest. And now that the world is going mobile, the web browser race has been taken to another arena. When it comes to mobile devices, there is no doubt that Mobile Safari is one of the most stable and fastest web browser. But with the launch of Chrome for Android, it seems that Safari has got some serious competition to look forward to. So which web browser is better?

Chrome VS Mobile Safari
As Chrome for Android launches, the folks over at Android Central took the liberty of comparing Chrome and Mobile Safari. A video was made that compares two smartphones, one is a Galaxy Nexus running Chrome and on the other hand is the iPhone 4S running Mobile Safari. The test itself isn't very scientific and the author claimed that he is more interested in the feel of Google's browser. Check out the comparison video below:

It is worth noting that both browsers scored an excellent 100/100 in the Acid3 test, which checks if a browser complies with various web standard. When it comes to handling Javascript tasks, Chrome managed to outperform Safari. But when it comes to smoothness in panning and zooming, Safari emerges as the better browser.
Safari Chrome Acid3 Test
Keep in mind that Chrome for Android is still on its beta stage and you can trust that Google will keep on working on further improving its flagship browser. In addition to that, we do hope that Google will port Chrome into the iOS as well and see how it will fare against Safari. That would be a more interesting, not to mention fair, comparison between the two. [via iDownloadBlog]

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