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Angry Birds Now Available in Facebook, Here’s How to Start Playing

If you have been dabbling in casual gaming either in your mobile devices or web browsers, then it would be likely that you have already played Angry Birds. Especially now that it is available in pretty much every known platform. Last month, we brought to you a report that Angry Birds will be heading to Facebook on Valentine's Day. And now that it is the day of the hearts, you can now play Angry Birds on Facebook.

Angry Birds on Facebook
That's right, as if these quirky birds with temper tantrums are not ubiquitous enough, you can now also play them in everyone's favorite social network Facebook. In the earlier announcement, developer Rovio said that the app will be available on Valentine's day, it seems that the company decided to make it available a day earlier. One notable thing though is the app's beta tag. Once you have granted permission for the app, you will be brought to the home screen.
Angry Birds on Facebook Home

Angry Birds for Facebook Options:

  • You can choose between three modes Poached Eggs, Surf and Turf (Facebook Exclusive) and Might Hoax
  • An offer to receive a Valentines gift (I got power-ups)
  • You can invite your friends to join in on the bird-flinging fun
  • Basic options like toggling full-screen and sound on or off
  • An Angry Birds shop where you can buy upgrades and power-ups

Angry Birds on Facebook Gameplay
Don't be fooled though, even though it has a beta tag, the game plays great and feels rather complete. It has all the trademark music, charm and addictive gameplay that we have come to love about Angry Birds. It definitely looks beautiful and it plays buttery smooth. It would be interesting how Facebook users will receive Angry Birds. Would this version be another runaway hit for Rovio? Or are users too burnt out for more of the same bird-flinging gameplay?

Play Angry Birds for Facebook now.

[via RedmondPie]

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