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Pod2g: iPhone 4S & iPad 2 A5 Jailbreak Is Just a Couple of Days Away

If you are closely following the jailbreaking scene you will know that it has been more than 2 weeks since pod2g has finally brought us the much awaited iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak. But not every member of the jailbreak community was thrilled, especially the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 owners, because the elusive A5 jailbreak is still yet to come. Now the jailbreak superstar once again informs us of the current progress of the A5 jailbreak.

iPhone 4S A5 Untethered Jailbreak
Highly regarded jailbreak hacker pod2g has recently made a blog where he can easily update the jailbreak community with regards to his jailbreaking exploits (pun fully intended). If anyone can recall, pod2g has enlisted the help of some of the jailbreak scene's most prominent personalities in order to form the A5 jailbreak dream team. So it looks like it was the right decision because the collaboration has finally made the A5 jailbreak move forward. Now pod2g has posted a new entry on his blog which lets us know that everything is proceeding quite smoothly.

According to the new blog post by pod2g entitled "Sandbox broken", legendary hacker @planetbeing with the help of none other than Saurik himself have finally escaped from the sandbox of the A5 jailbreak. Pod2g states that there should be little to no obstacles left for the A5 jailbreak. In order to manage the expectations of the jailbreak community, pod2g did an ETA of the jailbreak and hinted that it should only take a few more days. Pod2g and the rest of the team are aiming to finish the A5 jailbreak as soon as possible since they are getting "tired".
Planetbeing A5 Jailbreak Tweet
While it seems that the A5 jailbreak doesn't stand a chance against the "Dream Team", it is still possible that complications may arise along the way. We are having our fingers crossed and wishing pod2g and the rest of the team all the best. [via pod2g]

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