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Next-Gen Xbox Will Play Blu-Ray Discs, Include Kinect 2 & Won’t Be Playing Used Games

The Xbox 360 is one of the big three in the current video game console generation, along with the Playstation 3 and Wii. The 360 was first unveiled back in 2005 and it seems that the time is about right that we receive a couple of reports about the next generation Xbox. So we came across a new report with some details on the Xbox 720 (obviously not the official name of the console).

Xbox 720
The report came from the popular gaming blog Kotaku, claiming that they have sources in the gaming industry that are familiar with the next-gen Xbox situation. First according to the source, the next Xbox 360 will be upgrading its disc technology by adopting Blu-Ray discs in order to catch-up with its rival Sony. This seems to be a logical move since Blu-Ray is the new standard with regards to disc storage media. And this would of course even the playing field even more for the Redmond-based company.

Another tidbit that was contained in the report is that the next-gen Xbox will be utilizing Kinect 2 hands-free sensor system. The new Kinect is allegedly going to feature an on-board processor, a feature which is intended for the current Kinect, which could help the device detect the user's motions more effectively. It could be very well possible that Kinect will be playing an even more significant role for the next Xbox.
Microsoft Kinect
The last bit of info that was provided by the source is that Microsoft is intending to introduce an anti-used game system into the new Xbox. We're assuming that this will be some form of DRM where it prohibits the user from playing a previously owned game. This could make game publishers happy because they don't have to worry about second-hand, borrowed, rented, handed-down games to chip away at their revenues. But we can only imagine that many customers won't be happy if this thing gets implemented.

According to previous reports, the new Xbox will be about as 6x more powerful than the current one. Microsoft is even looking to make it 8x more powerful than the Xbox 360. But nobody in the industry has the development kits yet, so all of these are mere speculations, as of now. [via Kotaku]

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