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iPhone Seized 66% of AT&T Device Sales in December, Android Only 8%

The year 2011 has been a good year for the iPhone and it is definitely one of the year's most popular handsets. When the iPhone 4 was made available to the Verizon Network, it was the carrier's top selling smartphone for the better part of 2011. Even the iPhone 3GS is still rocking the sales charts as people still continue to buy the aging smartphone. And of course, there's the newest iPhone 4S which was touted by Apple as the most successful iPhone launch yet.

iPhone Sales
Now according to a report by The Mac Observer, the iPhone is the clear winner that dominated the handset sales during the month of December, at least according to AT&T. According to sources that works on the company, AT&T has managed to sell 981,000 iPhones from December 1 to December 27. Such numbers has enabled Apple to seize 66% of the overall device sales at that time period. On the other hand, Android has only managed to get a mere 8.5% of the overall sales.
AT&T Sales December
From The Mac Observer:

According to the numbers we were shown—numbers not shared through official AT&T channels—AT&T sold some 981,000 iPhones through its corporate stores in the first 27 days of December, while 126,000 Android devices were sold during the same period. Even basic flip and slider phones did better than Android, with 128,000 units sold.

Again, these are only from the retail stores of AT&T and doesn't include other sales that were made online, over the phone and not even through authorized retailers. If other facts are to be taken into account, the numbers would even be more impressive, easily passing a million units sold now that AT&T has managed to sell 981,000 iPhones from its corporate retail stores only.

But to be fair with Android and other smartphone competitors in the market, AT&T has always been touted as the "iPhone carrier", so the popularity of the device on the network is not exactly that surprising. And being the original iPhone carrier, its line-up of devices isn't exactly as varied as let's say, Verizon.

According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, Apple is on its way to set an "all time record for iPhones" for the last quarter of 2012. Analysts are predicting that during Q4 of 2011, Apple will be able to surpass the $40 billion mark. [via AppleInsider]

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