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iPhone 5 Release Date: Every Thing You Need To Know About Next iPhone

Last year back in October, the world was treated to Apple's latest and greatest smartphone, the iPhone 4S. As it turned out, the latest iPhone is a considerably beefier version of the previous one which is the iPhone 4. While the iPhone 4S is an excellent device by itself, let's be honest here, it is no iPhone 5. You know, the redesigned iPhone that everyone has been anticipating but instead got a souped-up version of the iPhone 4. But anytime soon, we should start getting reports about the next iPhone. And of course, one of the most persistent questions that will likely to come is: when is the iPhone 5 release date?

iPhone 5 Concept 4

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Rumored Features of the iPhone 5?

Before Steve Jobs' unfortunate death, a new, redesigned iPhone is said to be his final magnum opus. The production steps for the iPhone 5 were said to be closely followed by Jobs himself. Rumor has it that it will be touted as a "cult classic" among iPhones. So what are the rumored specifications and features of the iPhone 5?

Bigger Form Factor Than the iPhone 4S? One of the most common complaint about the iPhone 4S is the lack of screen size update. So with the iPhone 5, it won't make sense for the Cupertino company not to upgrade the screen. The iPhone 4S's 3.5 inches is clearly becoming outdated especially when there are numerous Android devices out there that are long enjoying a 4-inch+ screen size.

With the screen size upgrade, it is possible that the form factor of the iPhone 5 will be bigger. But it is feasible that larger screen can be achieved without affecting the size of the body. Past rumors indicate that the iPhone 5 will be sporting a slimmer, teardop design and aluminum back.
iPhone 5 Teardrop Design
Better Resolution? This is one rumor that has better chance of actually coming into fruition. Retina Display is already considered state-of-the-art in terms of visual quality for mobile devices, so Apple has got their work cut out for them. Improved resolution will yield so many benefits such as increase in the size of the user interface, better looking apps and even better video quality.

Quad-Core Processor? By the time the iPhone 5 has hit the market, there should be a good deal of Android smartphones with quad-core CPUs available. If Apple wants to keep up with the CPU-arms race, then it would make sense for them to release a quad-core iPhone.
Apple A6 Chip for Quad Core iPhone
Redesigned Home Button or No Home Button? We have received rumors in the past that the iconic Home button will be redesigned. Instead of the its familiar round shape, the new Home button will be oval in shape. This is to enable the Home button to accommodate motion gestures as well. It is also possible Apple will drop the Home button altogether although there is not enough evidence that suggest as such.

Redesigned Home Button

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4G / LTE Capable iPhone 5? Many Android devices are already 4G/LTE capable and many tout it as their selling point. One of the main concerns when it comes to 4G/LTE is the fact that they can significantly lower the battery life of the device. If Apple is able to devise a workaround for this particular problem, then there is a good chance that the iPhone 5 will be 4G/LTE capable.
iPhone 5 4G LTE

Possible iPhone 5 Release Dates?

While we are still far from the actual release date of the iPhone 5, it won't stop us throwing in some of our speculations.

Spring 2012. The iPhone 4S was launched last October and seeing that it is essentially an upgraded iPhone 4, it could be possible that 6 months later, a totally new iPhone will be announced. But what makes it unlikely is the fact that it could cannibalize the sales of the iPad 3 which is rumored to launch in March this year.

WWDC 2012 in June. Now this date has a much better chance than above. If anyone can recall, the iPhone 4 was announced during the WWDC 2010. So it is quite possible that a new iPhone will be unveiled at this year's WWDC. This effectively gives the iPhone 4S enough sales buffer and without affecting the sales of the iPad, if it indeed launches in March.
WWDC 2012
October 2012. Also, Apple could just stick with their usual yearly gap between two iPhones (except for the iPhone 4S), or they could choose to release it in commemoration of Steve Jobs' death anniversary. Either way, considering how good Apple is when it comes to keeping things in the dark, all of the speculations above could be easily disproved.

Again, these are all mere speculations based on rumors and there is a good possibility that nothing that's written here will actually happen. Stay tune with us as we keep you updated about the latest reports about the iPhone 5.

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