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Bloomberg: iPad 3 Will Have HD Retina Screen, Quad Core Processor & 4G LTE Support

Rumors about the iPad 3 have been quite incessant for the past few weeks which is expected because we are more less a few months away from its rumored release date. Now we have another dose of iPad 3 rumor but this time it comes from a more credible source.

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According to multinational financial news corporation Bloomberg, production for the iPad 3 is already in full motion and Apple has been ramping the process up to ensure that full volumes are reached by February. Bloomberg cites three sources that are said to be familiar with the upcoming next-gen iPad. According to the sources, the iPad 3 will be supporting next-generation wireless networks which means it will now work with 4G / LTE networks. If that is the case, it would be interesting to see how Apple was able to offset the battery issues that comes with implementing 4G.

Bloomberg also said that the new iPad will be much faster than the current iPad 2. Its processor is said to be a quad-core chip and it will enable faster switching of applications. This one makes sense and the chip will most likely be called the A6. Apart from that, Bloomberg also confirmed that the iPad 3 will sport a high-definition screen but no additional details were provided. This of course, coincides with past reports that the iPad 3 will feature a high definition Retina Display.

With regards to release date, all signs seems to point to a March release and this information from Bloomberg also confirms it. According to previous reports, the next iPad won't be much of a departure from the iPad 2 in terms of design. As for its name, it is not yet been confirmed if it will indeed be called the iPad 3 or iPad 2S / iPad HD.
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When it comes to Apple rumors and predictions, Bloomberg actually has a decent track record. So if it came from them, then it is possible that it is more than just a rumor. We'll have to wait and see. [via ModMyi]

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