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iOS 5 Untethered Exploit Coming Soon to Ac1dsn0w Jailbreak Tool

People who have been keeping themselves in the loop with regards to the jailbreaking scene should be well aware that a new jailbreak tool has been introduced last year in the form of Ac1dsn0w. Created by the Pwn Dev-Team, the tool is currently on its second beta version. While it has been a while since we've last heard from the team, in a new development, it seems that the iOS 5 untethered exploit will be coming to Ac1dsn0w soon.

Ac1dsn0w was off to some rocky start. When Ac1dsn0w Beta 1 was released, it was found out by MuscleNerd that there are lines of code within the tool that violated copyright laws. The Pwn Dev-Team was quick to rectify this error and all the legal issues were later fixed with Ac1dsn0w Beta 2. And now, it seems that one of the leaders of Pwn Dev-Team @imrel0ad has been contacting pod2g in an effort to bring the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak to Ac1dsn0w.
Ac1dsn0w Untethered Tweet
As you can see on the tweet, it seems that pod2g has agreed to share his iOS 5 untethered exploits with the Pwn Dev-Team so they can integrate it as well in Ac1dsn0w.

It is always good to have more options, especially with regards to jailbreak tools. It is not all the time that Redsn0w and sn0wbreeze will always work for anyone, so having one more option to try is never a bad thing. With that said, Ac1dsn0w is still pretty much on its infancy and in its current state, it doesn't really bring anything new to the table, aside from a different GUI. But the developers have said that they will be introducing a new feature someday like being able to jailbreak your device remotely, which is nothing short of interesting.

For the meantime, if you are looking to jailbreak iOS 5.0.1 into your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, then you can use our iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak guide.

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