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Geohot Quits His Job in Facebook, Spotted in a Hacking Event

If you have been keeping yourself informed of the prominent personalities who made a difference in the jailbreak community, then it is safe to say that you should be familiar of George Hotz, popularly known as GeoHot. He became a household name in the jailbreaking community because he was the first to ever unlock the first iPhone. He also became notorious after jailbreaking the Playstation 3 which entangled him to a legal battle with Sony. After a long while, he was employed by no other than social networking behemoth, Facebook. Apparently now, Geohot has left Facebook and he's back to what he does best, hacking.

George Geohot Hotz
Business Insider was able to catch up to Geohot last Saturday at Backplane, a hackathon funded by Lady Gaga. Hotz jokingly introduced himself as the hacker who got sued by Sony. So what's he up to at that certain event? It is not known what's the relationship or role of Geohot at the Lady Gaga funded hackathon, but he did built an app along with other people that allows the user to view their Facebook friends on the map. Hotz helped in improving the looks of the map and coded it so the app can filter the results by gender. In the end, the app didn't win in the event.

No details have been provided as to why he left Facebook. But whatever it is that he learned there will certainly come in handy. Now that Geohot is back in the hacking scene, will he be returning to his old playground which is the jailbreaking scene? It would be interesting to see what he going to be up to for the rest of the year. We can only hope that he will indeed return to the jailbreak scene. [via BusinessInsider]

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