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Mozilla Firefox 10 Now Available for Mac OS X & Windows [Direct Links]

If you have been an avid user of Mozilla's Firefox web browser, then you should be well aware that the company has adopted a faster, more frequent release cycle for each and every version. This decision has been made as a measure to stay competitive in the web browser race which is currently dominated by Google Chrome. Last month, Mozilla released Firefox 9 which is not exactly a huge departure from earlier versions (not since Firefox 3). And now, the popular web browser has been updated to its 10th version.

Firefox 10
Users who have been keeping themselves updated with the latest versions of Firefox will know what to expect with Firefox 10. So if you are expecting to see a new revamped user interface or mind-blowing new features, then you are going to be sorely disappointed. Firefox 10 is the version debut of "Extended Support Release", which is intended for enterprises who doesn't want to go through the hassle of updating their web browser every six weeks. ESR releases will only receive the necessary security fixes and will only change versions for every seven releases.
Mozilla Firefox 10
New features that you will see in Firefox 10 is the Anti-Aliasing for WebGL, full screen APIs for web apps (useful for all of your browser games), CSS3 3D-Transforms support and the forward button will be hidden by default until you navigate back.

And that's pretty much it! Not exactly an exciting release but it is always recommended that you update your Firefox web browser for the best experience. Firefox 10 is a silent update for users who have already installed Firefox or if you want to download the installer, grab it from the download links below.

Download Links:

Download Firefox 10 for Windows
Download Firefox 10 for Mac

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