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Best Free iPad Apps of 2012

When it comes to tablet devices, there is little to no doubt that the iPad is currently one of the best products, or at least the most popular. And as with all iOS devices, one of the best ways to add more functionality and power to your iPad is by installing apps. But with the thousands of iPad apps that are available the from the iTunes App Store, how will you know which are the best ones? Well, we took the liberty of compiling some of the best free iPad apps that the App Store can offer. Here are the Best Free iPad Apps of 2012. Enjoy!!

Best iPad Apps 2012

Business iPad Apps

FuzeHD Icon2Fuze Meeting HD Online meeting apps are dime a dozen but looking for a free option can be a daunting task. Fuze Meeting is a good online meeting app that will let you meet with two other participants. To add more participants, you will have to pay for premium though.
Fuze Meeting HD for iPad
EasySign Icon5EasySign If you sign any sort of document in a regular basis, then this app will become your new best friend. So whether it is an invoice, loan application, tax form, purchase order, job contract and the like, EasySign will let you sign it, anytime, anywhere.
EasySign for iPad
My Eyes Only IconMy Eyes Only If you want a good, secure and best of all free password manager for your iPad, then you can't go wrong with this app. This app protects all your sensitive information through advance encryption and password protection.
MyEyesOnly for iPad

Fitness iPad Apps

MyFitnessPal IconMyFitnessPal One of the more popular fitness apps that is available for the iPad and for good reasons. You will have access to features like 1,100,000 foods database, easiest and fastest food entry, over 350 exercises free barcode scanner and more. One of the best fitness apps for fitness buffs.
MyFitnessPal iPad App
LoseIt IconLose It! Those who are looking to lose weight will find a lot to like about this particular app. It might look like a simple app but it is tons of fun to use and it offers great features. It has been recently updated to include barcode scanning. It is a free app but it doesn't have any ads in it.
LoseIt iPad App
iMapMyRUN IconiMapMyRUN This app is perfect for those who loves running, jogging, biking and the likes. This way, you can accurately track just how much distance have you covered already. You can also save specific workouts and even your favorite routes. Check it out if you are into running.
iMapMyRUN iPad App

Weather iPad Apps

Intellicast HD IconIntellicast HD Talk about an extremely detailed weather app. This app is perfect for those who are looking for a healthy balance feature, function, and usability. Yes, everything you need to know about the weather can be found here. Sure it has ads, but they're not that distracting.
IntellicastHD iPad App
Weather HD IconWeather HD Now if you just want the most basic weather information, this weather app should do just fine. It foregoes all the details in favor of a beautiful and easy to use interface. It even includes a video loop for the weather in some cities. Gorgeous weather app.
Weather HD iPad App
AccuWeather IconAccuWeather This is a dark themed iPad app that most people would find to be quite pleasant. It includes features like iCloud support, multiple weather views, WeatherAlarms, Ability to store many locations and more.
Accuweather iPad App

Music iPad Apps

Pandora Radio IconPandora Radio Definitely one of the most popular radio app out there. It is a personalized radio so all you need to do is favorite artists, songs or composers and Pandora will create a custom radio that plays your kind of music. One of the best apps for the iPad.
Pandora Radio iPad App
AudioGalaxy IconAudiogalaxy Mobile Now this app is what you need if you want to take your entire music collection on the go. Simply install the desktop app on your Mac and have it scan your music library. Once that's done, you can now use your iPad to listen to your library with great audio quality. No setup required.
AudioGalaxy iPad App
Shazam IconShazam Ever wanted to identify a song that's playing while you are in the restaurant or commuting? Well, here's the app for you. Just let Shazam listen to the song and it will be able identify it for you. Definitely a cool app for music lovers.
Shazam iPad App

iPad Apps For File Management

Dropbox IconDropbox Users who have multiple devices and computers will surely love this application. This enables you to sync all of your designated files to all of your devices and computers. The app includes a hassle-free way to download your favorite files to your iPad. Another essential app that you can't afford to miss.
Dropbox iPad App
SugarSync IconSugarSync If for some reason you dislike Dropbox, then SugarSync is more than enough to be its replacement. It is one of the simplest way to sync and share your files online. If you sign-up, you will get 5GB of online storage for free, much higher than Dropbox's 2GB offering.
SugarSync iPad App

Reading iPad Apps

iBooks IconiBooks Apple's very own book reading application is also one of the best in the App Store. This app includes the iBookstore where you can download thousands of books. Apple also has a lot of plans in terms of education that will utilize iBooks.
iBooks iPad App
Kindle IconKindle This app of course came from the pioneers of eReading, Amazon. Through it may not have the pretty interface of iBooks, it does boast a huge variety of titles which you can purchase. The app also gives you the ability to sync your books to multiple devices.
Kindle iPad App
SideBooks IconSideBooks If you are looking for a good comic book reader for the iPad, then this is it. It can read most formats including comic files, pdfs and ebooks. It also includes native integration with Dropbox. You can even organize using such options like folders and file renaming.
Sidebooks iPad App

iPad Apps For Notes

Simplenote IconSimplenote This is the app of choice for those who prefers a no-nonsense approach for their note taking on the iPad. This app is as basic as it gets with a simple and clean interface. It also saves every version history of every note you write. You will need an account to get things started.
Simplenote iPad App
Evernote IconEvernote Chances are, you are already aware of Evernote as it is one of the most popular note taking app for the iOS. Aside from the basic note editing, to-dos and task lists, users are also given the option to record voice and audio notes.
Evernote iPad App
Paperport Notes IconPaperPort Notes This app is a digital note taking tool for the iPad which offers some really interesting features. Now you can combine documents, web content, audio, typed text as well as hand written notes into just one single document. It is also integrated with Dragon voice recognition.
PaperPort Notes iPad App

Photography iPad Apps

Adobe Photoshop Express IconAdobe Photoshop Express If you want a fast and very basic photo editor, then you can't go wrong with this app. Basic editing options include adjust exposure, saturation, tint and contrast, crop, rotate, straighten, flip and more.
Adobe Photoshop Express iPad App
PicWall IconPicWall This is a fairly new app that allows you to create a virtual wall where you can hang your favorite photos and create a stunning looking collage. You can then easily share your creations through email, Facebook and Twitter.
PicWall iPad App
InstaPad IconInstaPad There is no denying the popularity of Instagram with iOS devices. InstaPad is basically an iPad exclusive app that's designed to view uploaded from Instagram. Users will be able to like, comment and mark photos as favorites. A great looking app that's perfect for Instagram fans.
InstaPad iPad App

Social Media Apps For iPad

Facebook IconFacebook It's hard to talk about social media without mentioning Facebook, so here it is. Probably one of the most essential apps for the social networking enthusiast. It feels great to know that an iPad optimized app has been released for quite some time now.
Facebook iPad App
Hootsuite IconHootSuite for Twitter This is great (and free) Twitter client for those who somehow don't prefer the official app. It also allows you to manage your other social media accounts such as Facebook, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn and Foursquare.
Hootsuite iPad App
Flipboard IconFlipboard This is an application that takes your social networking feeds such as Facebook and Twitter and transform it into "social" magazines. This app provides one of the coolest and most attractive way to interact with your social media content. One of the must have apps for the iPad.
Flipboard iPad App

iPad Apps For Video Calls

Skype IconSkype If you have been using video calls for the last decade or so, then you should be very familiar with Skype. This app is an essential choice for those who are looking for a quick and free method of video chatting. Absolutely free and easy to use.
Skype iPad App
Fring IconFring Now if you frequently find yourself in group video chats, then Fring is a no-brainer. This app lets you chat with up to 4 of your friends and it uses the special DVQ™ technology (Dynamic Video Quality) which provides the best video and audio quality.
Fring iPad App
Tango IconTango This is a pretty new-ish app in the video call/chat arena but it is doing quite well that people are starting to take notice. One of the easiest way for you to start making phone calls and video calls on your iPad. You can even call your friends on PC, phone or tablet.
Tango iPad App

Apps to Watch Movies & TV Shows on iPad

Crackle IconCrackle This app gives you free movies and TV shows to watch. And as if that is not enough, you can also access features like streaming HQ video via 3G or Wi-Fi, AirPlay compatible and unlimited, on demand viewing. The only downside is that the selections isn't exactly that up to date.
Crackle iPad App
Netflix IconNetflix One of the most popular movies and TV shows streaming service is definitely Netflix. If you have a Netflix account then you certainly need to download this app and start watching movies and shows on your beautiful iPad screen. The app is free but you will need a Netflix subscription to make it work.
Netflix iPad App
ABC Player IconABC Player Now you can watch your favorite ABC shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and more on your iPad for free. Picture quality is great for a streaming service. Be sure that you are ready to put up with some ads though.
ABC Player iPad App

Best Free Games For iPad

Jetpack Joyride IconJetpack Joyride From the makers of the stellar Fruit Ninja comes an unlimited running game that is surely going to take away your productivity. It is seriously addictive and it is one of the best free games for the iPad. It's simple addictive fun that will surely won't make you put your iPad down.
Jetpack Joyride iPad App
Temple Run IconTemple Run One of the most exhilarating games from the App Store. This game will test your reflexes as you navigate a maze filled with deadly traps and collecting coins and various power-ups in your quest for treasure. Just like the best iPad games, it is simple yet addictive.
Temple Run iPad App
Tiny Tower IconTiny Tower The objective of this game is simple, build a tower and manage all the businesses and tenants that are living in it. This is a great simulation game for people who doesn't even like the genre. It looks and sound great with its retro-graphics and quirky soundtrack. This app will have you check your iPad every now and then.
Tiny Tower iPad App
And those are the best free apps for the iPad that you can install for the year 2012. Any iPad compatible app that you think we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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    rose9 years, 6 months ago

    There are some really good apps on this list. I have a few of these on my iPad and I absolutely love them. One app that I have on mine that isn’t on this list is the DISH Remote Access app through my provider DISH. I can watch all my channels live with a Sling Adapter connected to my receiver. I love this app when I am traveling and a co-worker at DISH told me I could now access my Blockbuster@Home service through my iPad. I am excited for that because I will be able to stream thousands of movies to my iPad. I cannot wait to try it out on my next trip. With all the apps that are out there it is hard not to find something you really love.