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Absinthe Jailbreak for iPhone 4S & iPad 2 Downloaded Over 1 Million Times In 24 Hours

These past few weeks, it sure has been an exciting time for the jailbreak community. Just after Christmas, pod2g got jailbreak fans an uber nice present in the form of the iOS 5.0.1 untethered jailbreak for A4 devices. A5 device owners have been left out in the cold for more than three weeks but now not anymore. As you might already know, the A5 Jailbreak Dream Team has finally succeeded in finally cracking the A5 chip. So last Friday, the Absinthe jailbreak tool has been released by the Chronic Dev Team to jailbreak the iPhone 4S and iPad 2.

But just how popular the new jailbreak is? Well, according to a report of Cult of Mac, the jailbreak tool Absinthe has been downloaded more than a million times on January 20th alone. It was quite apparent that the jailbreak tool has been much awaited that it was enough to overload the servers of Greenpois0n due to overwhelming traffic strains a few moments after it was made available. It is also worth noting that this was before Absinthe for Windows was released, so you can imagine that the numbers will be greater if the said version was made available initially. The information came from no other than Joshua Hill a.k.a. p0sixninja, the frontman of Chronic-Dev Team.
Absinthe Jailbreak for Mac
On another note, the iPhone Dev-Team has also posted a quick breakdown through  of how many A5 owners have taken the plunge and have jailbroken their device. As of Monday afternoon, the number are as follows:

  • 491,325 new iPhone4,1 devices
  • 308,967 new iPad2 devices
  • 152,940 previously jailbroken (at 4.x) iPad2 devices

That's a total of 953,232 new A5 devices that were jailbroken in a little over 3 days. MuscleNerd explained that the numbers are so precise because when one launch Cydia, a query is made to Saurik's server for the list of all the available SHSH blobs. MuscleNerd also warned new A5 jailbreakers to never update their firmware unless a new jailbreak is available. This is especially applicable to A5 owners who at present doesn't have any way to restore back to iOS 5.0.1 once Apple stops signing the firmware.

So have you taken the plunge and have jailbroken your iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with Absinthe? [via CultofMac]

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    Sensiblero9 years, 7 months ago

    A few days after I successfully jailbroke my iPad 2 Factory reset iOS version 4.3.4 and then when I powered the iPad all I got was the Apple Logo. My iPad was not set for any auto update. I started trying to resolve the problem pressing home button / power button combinations, and at some minutes of not touching the iPad I suddenly noticed something going on on the screen and then it booted up to Slide to Unlock. iOS 5.0.1 was seen so nothing had changed there. But when trying to open Cydia, Installous or any Cydia store applications (SBSettings, Barrel, Winterboard … ) the screen kind of blinked but nothing opened. iPad programs were working and opening. I wanted to know if the iPad would power up and boot again so I shut the iPad off: MISTAKE, and I never have been able to get past the Apple Logo by trying to do a Recovery Fix using “tinyumbrella-5.10.07”.

    It has been VERY disappointing. When I tried to do a recovery using iTunes it wanted to Check for updates OR DO NOTHING FOR ME!! — welcome to your prison cell!! How hateful can a company BE?!! So I clicked on Check for Updates to see what it would do and I saw a window open and a bar moving from left to right but I only let it run for 5 seconds and disconnected the wifi connection. I became concerned that ALREADY something in the iPad might have changed to ensure that I would never be able to use the iPad again without an update.

    How am I going to get out of this DISASTER? Surely other have already been hit with the same problem and they haven’t been able to get normal operation of iPad re-established!

    Hoping NEWS and a FIX is on the way regarding this iPad Blues.