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Twitter for iOS and Android Receive Huge Updates, Download Now! [Download Links]

If you have been an avid user of Twitter to get your daily social media fix, then chances are you have installed the mobile app on either your iOS or Android device. Well here's heads-up for Twitter fanatics because the app has just been updated for the iOS and Android. And we are looking at several significant changes here.

Twitter for iOS Logo
Both versions of Twitter for iOS and Android received quite an overhaul not just cosmetically but under the hood as well. On the iOS side, Twitter, which is now on version 4.0, the developer claims that it now faster, which seems to be quite true. The app does feel more seamless. And with this new version, it seems that the developer also overhauled the most common functionalities in Twitter.
Twitter 4.0 iPad
For instance, we now have the new "Home" module, which houses your personal collection of tweets from all of your favorite sources. It also shows detailed information for replies, retweets and embedded images. "Connect" is the section where you can see who followed or mentioned you or if they retweeted or favorited some of your tweets. "Discover" is now the new home for Twitter trends and stories. This is where you can find friends, browse interests and search for hashtags.
Twitter 3.0 for Android
Despite all the changes, Twitter 4.0 seems to have some glaring problems. For starters, the developers seems to have remove some features that made it convenient to use previous versions. Back in the previous versions of Twitter, users could simply swipe on a tweet and it will reveal various options like reply, retweet etc. And with Twitter 4.0, that's gone which means that it will now take more taps in order to perform some functions. In addition to that, according to user reviews, the ability to view tweets in landscape view seems to have been taken away also. Landscape view is only available when composing. Those who have multiple accounts are also having difficulties using this new version.

As you can see, this new version of Twitter seems to have an awful lot of problems. So take that into account before you upgrade to the latest version. If you are fine with the current version, you might want to stay away from the update. But in case you are interested you can update it through iTunes in your devices, or you can download from the links we have provided below:

Download Twitter 4.0 App from the iTunes App Store
Download Twitter 3.0 App from Android Market

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