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Top 10 Must Have Jailbreak Tweaks and Apps for iOS 5

Arguably, one of the most notable releases this side of Apple in terms of software this year is the most advanced version of the company's mobile operating system, the iOS 5. And as a regular reader of our blog, chances are high that you have already jailbroken iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch (albeit a tethered one only as of now). Well wondering what are the best jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS 5? Here is the top 10 must have jailbreak tweaks and apps for iOS 5.

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Infinifolders Jailbreak Tweak
Does it annoy you to no end that the default folders on the iOS is very limited? By limited, I mean that it can only hold a certain number of apps. Which of course, becomes a problem if you've got tons of apps to organize into one folder. You resort to creating multiple folders which hardly ideal. This tweak takes care of that. Infinifolders allows you to have an infinite number of apps inside a folder and it adds vertical scrolling. A popular tweak back in iOS 4 and it has been updated for iOS 5.

Infinifolders is available under the BigBoss repo for $0.99.


This one is for iOS 5's new notification system called Notification Center. WeeSearch jailbreak tweak is a very simple widget that adds a search bar on the Notification Center. This gives you the capability to search Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Dictionary. After typing in your query, you will then be redirected to Safari for the search results. This way you don't have to open your browser or the YouTube app just to search for anything. Fast, lightweight and very easy to install.

WeeSearch is available under the BigBoss repo for FREE.

AndroidLock XT

Are you tired of the same old boring lockscreen of the iOS with its four number standard passcode? Well, here is a tweak for that and it's called Android Lock. This basically provides your lockscreen with an alternate passcode utility that is similar to the ones that are found in Android devices. Although in the iOS version, you can use the same dot more than once. Definitely a great utility not only for security purposes but also for those who wants to customize their device.

AndroidLock XT is available under the ModMyi repo for $1.49.


Winterboard for iOS 5
If you are a long time user of a jailbroken iOS device, then you should be quite familiar with this app. And now it has been updated to work with iOS 5. Authored by no other than Cydia man himself Saurik, Winterboard is the go-to application for those who wishes to change the look of their iOS device's interface. There's a wide range of Winterboard themes and color schemes that are available, so you can be outrageous as much as you want. Definitely a must for anyone who loves to customize their device.

Winterboard is available under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


This jailbreak tweak simply adds a functionality where you can terminate all of the running apps in your background. Un-terminated continues to consume memory that can slow down your device and it can also continue to drain your battery as well. WeeKillBackground is a widget for the Notification Center that can be really useful to those who runs multiple apps on a daily basis. Simply tap the "Tap to close all Apps" button located in the pull-down drawer and it will terminate all the apps that runs in the background.

WeeKillBackground is available under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


BiteSMS for iOS 5
If you frequently use your device to send SMS text messages (who doesn't?), then you simply can't do without this tweak. So what can you expect from the iOS 5 compliant version of BiteSMS? Well, the app has now been updated to integrate with iOS 5's Notification Center which is definitely neat. In addition, Quick Compose and Quick Reply now sports a revamped look. And with the iOS 5 version of BiteSMS, it also works with iOS 5's new feature, iMessage. The iOS 5 version is currently under beta and it can be downloaded for free but you buy the license for an ad free experience. Just add the following repo:

BiteSMS is available under BiteSMS repo for FREE.


OmniStat Widget
Another jailbreak tweak for iOS 5's Notification Center. Omnistat is a jailbreak widget for iOS 5 which enables the user to view various stats of his iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. With OmniStat, you can easily view your device's name, WiFi IP, Mac Address. Furthermore, it has also a built-in Process Manager that allows you to view all the running processes in your device. It also has a useful Memory Manager where you can view just how much memory your device is using. Tapping the pie chart will free up some memory. A great tweak which can be yours for FREE.

OmniStat is available under the BigBoss repo for FREE.

Springtomize 2

Springtomize 2 for iOS 5
This is yet another bigshot jailbreak tweak that affects many aspect of your iOS device. With Springtomize 2 you can customize various aspects of your device such as its animations, dock, capabilities, folders, lockscreen, Notification Center and so on. The options that are available to you are simply staggering. And because of its extensive functions, it effectively replaces other jailbreak tweaks. It has now been updated for iOS 5 just recently.

Springtomize is available under the BigBoss repo for $2.99.


SBSettings for iOS 5
One of the most popular jailbreak tweaks ever. SBSettings is simply one of those tweaks that are often mentioned when people cite reasons as to why they jailbreak their devices. In case you don't know, SBSettings enables you to easily and quickly access your most frequently used settings and apps just by swiping the status bar. But with the new iOS 5 version, it has found a new home within the Notification Center's pull down drawer. SBSettings can be further customized by installing themes and additional toggles.

SBSettings is available under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


IntelliscreenX for iOS 5
Basically this tweak lets you access your Notification Center from the lockscreen and more. This tweak brings everything you need to your lockscreen. Your mail, calendar, Twitter, Facebook, Quick SMS Messaging, Settings and many more. You can even expand its usability by installing more widgets. And with this tweak installed, all of your installed Notification Center widgets will work on the lockscreen as well. IntelliscreenX makes it worth it to jailbreak iOS 5 even if there is no untethered jailbreak available yet.

IntelliscreenX is available under the ModMyi repo for $9.99.

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