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My Xbox LIVE: Official Xbox Live App Hits the iTunes App Store [iTunes Link]

If you are a big gamer, then are high chances that you own Microsoft's entry to the video game console industry, the Xbox 360. And of course, if you wanted the full Xbox 360 experience, you should have already signed up on Microsoft's Xbox Live for an account. 360 owners should be pleased to know now that the Official Xbox Live app is now available for the iOS.

My Xbox LIVE App Logo
Larry Hyrb or better known as Major Nelson, Xbox Live Programming director has recently revealed that an Xbox Live is on the works for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and it will be called My Xbox LIVE. True enough, My Xbox LIVE is now available at the iTunes App Store. And as far as apps go, it looks great.
My Xbox LIVE Screenshots 1
My Xbox LIVE is available as a free universal app and it comes with two different interfaces. The first one is catered for small devices such as the iPhone 4 and the iPod touch, and the other one is made specifically for the iPad, which has a larger screen. Basically this app lets Xbox 360 owners access their Xbox Live account through their iDevices. The app will enables users to send messages, manage their friend lists, edit their profiles, modify their Live 3D Avatars and view the progress of their game achievements. Essentially, you can now stay connected with the Xbox Live community while on the go. Upon seeing the app, you will see that it somehow looks like the Windows Phone 7's Metro UI. The Metro design has also been implemented on the dashboard of Xbox Live itself during a recent update. As you can see from the screenshots, the interface is very clean and smooth. Good job, Microsoft.
My Xbox LIVE Screenshots 2
To use the app, you will need to download it from the iTunes App Store and install in your iDevice. Upon launching the app, you will need to sign-up with your existing Xbox Live account. And that is pretty much it, you can now use the app at your leisure.

For gamers who happens to have an Xbox 360, check out this app and you will surely find it useful on many accounts. As an app it looks and it certainly brings almost all the functionalities of Xbox Live itself. You can use the download link we have provided below to get the My Xbox LIVE app.

Download My Xbox LIVE app from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

So for our readers who happens to be an Xbox 360 gamer, what do you think of the app?

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