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Mozilla Firefox 9 Now Available for Mac, Windows and Linux [Direct Links]

Here we go again! Mozilla has rolled out another numbered version of its popular web browser, Firefox. This time, we are looking upon the ninth version of Firefox which is now available for public download.

Download Firefox 9
It was about 2 months ago when Mozilla released version 8 of Firefox and now we are already seeing version 9. If you have been keeping yourself in the loop regarding Firefox, you will know that Mozilla has adopted a faster release cycle for its web browser. This is of course in response to Google Chrome's similar release cycle which has certainly took a large chunk of Firefox's previous userbase. However, unlike prior Firefox 4 releases, do not expect major changes in terms of features and user interface.
About Mozilla Firefox 9
So what can we expect from Firefox 9? For many versions now, the Mozilla team has been hard at work to improve Firefox's performance, which is never a bad thing. With Firefox 9, the team was able to improve the Javascript performance of the browser which means that websites such as Facebook, Twitter and other Javascript intensive sites will load much faster. The same deal with Mac users as well, as they get to enjoy faster Javascript performance. Firefox also seems to gradually adopt OS X Lion's features such as navigation through gestures.

Cosmetically speaking, Firefox 9 seems to be no different at all from the previous version but there are off course several improvements and tweaks under the hood with regards to performance, security and stability.

One reason why many people prefer Firefox is the fact that it supports a wide range of add-ons and extensions that further improve the Firefox experience. I for one continue to utilize Firefox for the same reason although it can be such a resource hog. AdBlock Plus, All-in-One Sidebar, Download Helper, Download StatusBar, LastPass are just some of the extensions I use and I just couldn't live without. Just be advised that there is a possibility that some of your addons will not be supported once you have updated to Firefox 9. So take that into account before upgrading.

Mozilla Firefox 9 Download Links:

Download Firefox 9.0 for Windows
Download Firefox 9.0 for Mac OS X
Download Firefox 9.0 for Linux
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