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Motorola Wins VS Apple in German Patent Suit, Infringing iOS Devices Banned in Europe

If you have been staying tuned to the news during these past months, then you'll know that giant tech companies have been relentlessly suing each other as of late. And at the center of it all is no other than the Cupertino giant. In a rather unfortunate turn of events for Apple, the company has lost one of its ongoing legal battle with Motorola Mobility.

Apple VS Motorola
Motorola has scored a significant victory against Apple as the Mannheim Regional Court granted the former an injunction banning the importation of iPhones and 3G iPads into Germany. This counts as Motorola's second victory in the German court in many months but this time around the complications are a lot more serious for Apple. Predictably, Apple will try to appeal the court ruling as Germany is one of the largest market in Europe. In an official statement of Apple:

We’re going to appeal the court’s ruling right away. Holiday shoppers in Germany should have no problem finding the iPad or iPhone they want.

According to FOSSPatents, the ruling covers all Apple products that implements the patent in question which is the one regarding mobile-originated wireless packet radio system. This in turn will block all shipments of iPhones and iPads. Also according to the ruling, Apple will also possibly pay Motorola a yet to be determined amount of damages. All of these can be appealed.

Even if Apple loses the appeal, the ruling only applies to the products that are yet to be shipped. This means that the company will still be able to sell iPhones and iPads that are already in Germany and according to sources, Apple got a lot of them. So it is unlikely that the company will be losing out on the upcoming Christmas season. But what about after the holidays? Once the inventory starts to run out?

If anyone can recall last August, Google bought Motorola for a whopping $12.5 billion which of course strengthens the search engine giant's patent portfolio. And now we are seeing the advantages of the said acquisition. This is definitely a big win for Motorola and today's court ruling will certainly help in its ongoing legal battle with Apple. [via AllThingsD]

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