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iPhone Battery Drain Problem Persists with iOS 5.1

Apple has definitely got their hands full as of late and one of the main contributing factors to the stress is the battery drain problem that's present with iOS 5. But you have to give it to the Cupertino company because it's not like they are not doing anything about it. First they released iOS 5.0.1 which supposedly addressed the issue for some people but unfortunately, the problem still persists. A few days ago, Apple seeded iOS 5.1 to developers which is expected to address the problem but a reports indicate otherwise.

iOS 5 Battery Problem
The report came from Ars Technica where they spoke with a couple of analysts in order to determine and understand the very root of the problem and why Apple is having a hard time fixing things. According to Gartner analyst Michael Gartenberg, this has something to do with the fact that smartphones are increasingly becoming more complex and sees that this to be not an issue at all. "Except there are more features I use on a regular basis which do affect battery life. As with all devices, what features you use extensively will affect battery life", Gartenberg said.

ABI Research mobile device expert Michael Morgan seems to agree with the statement, citing the fact that iOS 5 may simply be using more data transmission or running more apps in the background in order to support the new features of the mobile OS. And then there's the possibility that iCloud is one of the contributing factors as well. One can perform various tweaks such as disabling noncritical notifications or turning off Siri's "raise to talk" feature in order to boost battery life. But such tweaks can only do so much.

As it has been indicated before, the most likely culprit is software, not hardware. Apple will only be able to fix the problem with a few additional software tweaks but it won't be that easy due to the complexity of the system and among other involved variables. iOS 5.1 is only accessible for developers and you can count on it that Apple is working round the clock in order to address the battery drain issue. Hopefully by the time iOS 5.1 goes primetime, the bugs that are causing the problem are squashed by then. [via ArsTechnica]

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