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iPad 3 with Hi-Res Retina Display To Hit the Stores in February?

When it comes to the tablet market, it is quite clear that the iPad is currently the market share leader. But as more competition rise up to the challenge of dethroning Apple's tablet, it seems that the company is taking measures in order to keep their top spot. According to a report, we may see the next generation iPad coming early next year.

iPad 3 Retina
The report came from Business Insider, citing a note written by Citi analyst Richard Gardner stating that we may see the next generation iPad as early as February. In addition to that, the iPad 3 is said to be supporting a screen that is double the resolution of the current iPad 2. Gardner adds that it seems that Apple has finally overcome the technical roadblocks that prevented them from manufacturing a high resolution iPad. And to wrap things up, Gardner predicts that Apple will be selling about 12 to 13 million iPads for the last quarter of 2011.

As you may already know, rumors that the iPad 3 will have a high resolution Retina Display have been quite prevalent for the past months. And while we shouldn't get too ahead of ourselves, there have been numerous reports which offers strong evidences. One of the most recent ones is when it was discovered that the Retina Display iPad 3 codenamed "J2" has been found hidden inside the iOS code.

But there have been some concerns whether or not Apple can indeed manufacture a high resolution display screen for the next iPad. According to various reports, display manufacturers such as LG and Samsung can manage to create a screen twice the resolution of the iPad 2 but the problem lies with mass producing them. And now this is a problem as there is no doubt that the demand for the iPad 3 will be huge.

But based on this report, Apple has allegedly overcome these obstacles and will possibly launch as early as February. February seems to be quite early but we can only speculate that the tight competition brought by the advent of newer tablets such as the Kindle Fire puts quite a pressure to the Cupertino company. But then again, these are all merely speculations from one analyst, so as usual, take this as a grain of salt. [via BusinessInsider]

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