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iOS 5.1 Beta 2 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Now Available for Download [Developers Only]

By the end of last month, Apple seeded the first pre-release version of its latest firmware version iOS 5.1 to registered developers. And today, the Cupertino company released the second beta of iOS 5.1. So a quick heads-up to all registered iOS developers, iOS 5.1 Beta 2 is now available for download.

iOS 5.1
Starting today, iOS developers will now be able to update to the second pre-release version of iOS 5.1. The build number for this version is 9B5127c and it support the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that runs on iOS 5. But of course, you need to be a registered iOS developer before you can download and install iOS 5.1 Beta 2.
Download iOS 5.1 Beta 2
As for the changes, well nothing really mind-blowing here but it does address one annoyance that bugs many users for quite some time now. With iOS 5.1, users can now choose to delete photos from iCloud's photo stream which wasn't available before. Previously, deleting photos means you will need to delete the whole thing. But thankfully, such an annoyance is finally gone with iOS 5.1.

Photos taken using iOS 5.1 can be deleted from Photo Stream on your device and will be removed automatically from Photo Stream on your other iOS 5.1 devices. Older photos can be manually deleted from your iOS 5.1 devices.

9to5Mac posted the complete list of release notes for iOS 5.1 Beta 2 and there seems to be some changes that could help alleviate the ever present battery problems with iOS 5. In iOS 5 Beta 2, there is a new "geofencing" setting which can prevent battery drain caused by the Reminders app when it not being used.

Ever since iOS 5 was released last October, Apple has been churning out updates in order to address the issue of serious battery drain present in its latest mobile operating system. After the company released iOS 5.0.1, the battery issue was fixed but not for all users. iOS 5.1 aims to address all that.

There is no doubt that iOS 5.1 will be made publicly available anytime soon and when that happens, we suggest that you hold off updating your device. The Chronic-Dev Team has already said that the untethered jailbreak will be coming to iOS 5.0 and pod2g also confirmed that it will support iOS 5.0.1 as well. The untethered exploit will most likely not apply to iOS 5.1, so if you want an untethered jailbreak, DO NOT update to iOS 5.1. Of course, this advice doesn't apply if you do not jailbreak your device. In that case, feel free to update. [via 9to5Mac]

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