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Facebook Messenger Makes Its Way to Windows, Download Now! [Direct Link]

When it comes to the world of social networking, there is no denying that Facebook is one of the most, if not the most widely used platform in existence. And with regards to Facebook, its chat feature is certainly one of the most widely used module. The social networking behemoth knows that which prompted them to launch a standalone app called Facebook Messenger for both iOS and Android. And now, the application has made its way to Windows.

Facebook Messenger for Windows
Facebook Messenger is basically a chat-focused client for Facebook similar to Windows Live Messenger, Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger. It is a dedicated client for chat-centric users which works similarly to the feature found in Facebook's sidebar. The application shows your social feed and the list of your online friends. Chatting with your friends is as simple as double-clicking on their name and a new window will appear which is similar to conventional chat clients. The only difference is that the interface is much more chat-friendly and is certainly more usable. If you love chatting with your buddies in Facebook, then this program should make the experience more manageable.
Facebook Messenger for Windows Screen1
One thing to note is that the desktop version of Facebook Messenger is only exclusive to Windows 7. Facebook has been testing the application for the past months and it seems that they are now confident enough to release it to the public. More features are rumored to be added eventually such as video calling. The application also updates silently, so any new changes and features will be installed automatically without bothering the user.

The application is far from perfect though (which is not surprising considering Facebook's track record with apps). One of my main gripes is that in order to start using the application, you will still need to log-in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that but it requires you to log on to Facebook via your web browser instead on the application itself. Clicking on the Log In button in the application will open up Facebook in your browser where you'll need to log-in. Even the process of making yourself available to chat must be done on the web version of Facebook. Why can't this function be available in the application instead? It is just so unintuitive and cumbersome.
Facebook Messenger for Windows Log In
Facebook chat enthusiasts would certainly want to check out this new application but keep in mind that this is only exclusive to Windows 7. Download the application through the link provided below.

Download Facebook Messenger for Windows. [via RedmondPie]

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