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Chronic Dev-Team Received Over 10 Million Crash Reports From Jailbreak Community

As you all know, Apple's latest version of its mobile operating system iOS 5 is already jailbroken but whether it is an untethered or not constitutes a different story. But there's one group who's aiming to finally crack open the iOS 5 which will bring us an untethered jailbreak, and that group is of course, the Chronic Dev-Team. The collective who's responsible for the popular jailbreak tool GreenPois0n. About a week ago, Chronic Dev-Team released an application called C-Dev Crash Reporter. And according to an update by a Chronic Dev member, things are going rather well.

Chronic Dev-Team frontman Joshua Hill (AKA p0sixninja) announced through a tweet that his team has received a massive number of crash reports submitted by iOS users. Just how massive? How about 10 million massive? To be exact, Joshua Hill announced that 10,071,868 crash reports have been submitted to Chronic Dev-Team's server ever since the tool C-Dev Crash Reporter has been released about week ago. For the uninitiated, C-Dev Crash Reporter is a crash data recovery tool developed by Chronic-Dev which is designed to copy all the crash reports from the user's iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In under normal circumstances are usually forwarded to Apple's server but using the tool, the data will instead be redirected to a server hosted by the Chronic Dev-Team.
p0sixninja Tweet
Chronic Dev-Team has been utilizing Google’s MapReduce application in order to compute the massive amount of crash report data coming from jailbreakers all across the globe. According to p0sixninja, MapReduce enables his team to “run tests that would take days normally in only seconds.”

According to the team, C-Dev Crash Reporter will significantly help in paving the way for the much coveted iOS 5 jailbreak. Apple has been stepping up their game with regards to its stance on jailbreaking which explains why an untethered jailbreak solution is still nowhere in sight. This incredible number of crash reports submitted to the Chronic Dev-Team is a testament to just how dedicated the jailbreak community is when it comes to the matter of untethered jailbreaks. If you are someone who is a supporter of jailbreaking, we highly suggest that you to download and use the tool in order to submit crash reports periodically.

According the p0sixninja, they have already found an important iOS 5 exploit but as of now, they remain to be "highly guarded" until the right moment comes. [via iDownloadBlog]

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