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Chrome Currently the Fastest Desktop Web Browser, iPad 2’s Safari is the Fastest on Mobile Devices

When it comes to the matter of the exploring the Internet, one of the most widely used application in a computer and even mobile devices are web browsers. And when it comes to web browsers, many users will agree that fast speed is one of the factors that constitutes a great web browser. As you might already know, several browser are in an eternal battle for the best web browser available. And this includes the usual powerhouses such as Chrome, Opera, Firefox and so on. But which one is currently the fastest browser in the planet?

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Futuremark, a company which is recognized for its benchmarking software has released a new version of Peacekeeper, a software designed to the test the performance of web browsers. The new version of Peacekeeper has been made to support the latest HTML5 standards. The program can run on any device that's able to connect to the internet which means that browsers can be tested on a PC, Mac and even smartphones and tablets. Futuremark shares the results on its latest web browser performance test and the results aren't all that surprising.
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Ever since its inception in 2009, the Peacekeeper program has tested about 3140 different versions of web browsers. It worth noting that during the launch of the program's first version, Safari was hailed to be the fastest web browser. But such is not the case anymore, according to the benchmark tests, Safari is now the slowest browser that was tested on a PC and Mac. And which browser holds the top spot? Well, its Google's Chrome which remains to be the fastest browser since May 2009 for both the PC and Mac. Futuremark did note that Opera has been doing its best to close the gap in speed. On a different note, Firefox seems to be the most popular web browser around since about 30% of the benchmark results came from many different versions of Firefox.

What about with mobile devices? Among tablets and smartphones, Apple's iPad 2 is the fastest when it comes to browser performance according to Peacekeeper. It is then followed by Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 and the third spot is filled in by the Acer Iconia W500. Apple's iPhone 4S and the Samsung Galaxy S2 comprises the fourth and fifth spot respectively. Assuming that the default browsers were used during the tests, this seems to imply that iPad 2's Safari is the fastest browser on a mobile device.

Again, not much surprises here. With all the browsers available, Google's Chrome seems to be the snappiest of them all (this post is posted through Google Chrome by the way). But both Opera and Firefox (with its faster release cycle) seems to be doing their best to play catch-up. [via RedmondPie]

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