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Apple To Adopt IGZO Displays For The iPad 3 [RUMOR]

Over the past few months, we have been getting a whole slew of reports regarding rumors, leaks, predictions and speculations about the next generation iPad. With the iPhone 4S out in the stores now, it only makes sense that rumormongers have now moved on to Apple's tablet device. Some of the most persistent rumors about the iPad 3 pertains to its display. Now a new report surfaces which claims that Apple will be switching to IGZO displays for the third-gen iPad.

iPad with Sharp IGZO Display
The report came from no other than Taiwan's DigiTimes. According to DigiTimes while citing their sources inside Apple's supply chain, the Cupertino giant will be pushing on with its decision to adopt IGZO (Indium Gallium Zinc Oxide) flat panels for the next iteration of the iPad as opposed to the IPS (in-plane switching) panels utilized for the current iPad models. This is allegedly Apple's solution to upgrade the iPad's display resolution to full HD level.

The one who will be providing the IGZO displays is Apple's new partner, Sharp. The former has said to have invested a billion dollars to the Japanese display manufacturer. The report added that as of now, there is no shortage of companies that are capable of producing IGZO panels but when it comes to the ability to mass produce them, it is a whole new different story.
If IGZO panels are indeed installed into the iPad 3, it would be capable of display resolution with up to 330 dots-per-inch without the need to implement a dual-bar LED backlighting. Without a dual-bar LED backlighting, it would pave the way for a thinner and more power-efficient tablet device. All in all, implementing IGZO panels is looking to be the best way to upgrade the iPad. Full HD resolution, thinner form-factor, better battery life are just some of the advantages of IGZO implementation.

But then again, DigiTimes does not exactly have the best track record when it comes to Apple hardware rumors. Just yesterday, they claimed that Apple will be participating in the upcoming Macworld conference, allegedly to unveil the next-gen iPads. But Jim Dalrymple of TheLoop was quick to debunk the rumor. So again, we could only take this rumor from DigiTimes as a grain of salt. [via AppleInsider]

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