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Apple to Launch 32 & 37-inch HDTV Models in Q3 2012 [RUMOR]

If you have been keeping tabs on everything Apple as of late, you will know that there have been reports that the Cupertino company will be engaging the TV market. Now we have come across a report regarding the size variants of the upcoming Apple-branded HDTVs.

Apple HDTV iTV
This report came from long-time rumor pot stirrer DigiTimes, citing their usual industry sources claiming that the materials needed for the iTV are now being prepared. These said Apple-branded HDTVs would be launching at around 3rd quarter of 2012. In addition to that, according to the sources, instead of the set-top box (STB) just like the Apple TV, the new product will be a full TV set.

So who will be making these TV units, this time around? According to the report, Samsung Electronics will be providing the chips that will be used for the iTV which coincides with the reports from the Korean media. Also, as with previous reports, Apple will be working with Sharp in order to produce the TFT-LCD panels for it upcoming HDTV displays.
But what’s more interesting is that the said upcoming iTV sets will be focusing on two size variants at first, 32-inch and 37-inch sets, according to the sources in the supply chain. However, according to other sources, Apple will not discontinue the Apple TV line in 2012 but instead the company will most likely release a next-gen Apple TV as the current version (Apple TV 2) sees a 9% discount from the Amazon web store.

In my opinion, in this day and age, 32" and 37" are simply too small, even if it is an Apple branded TV. In most likelihood, going by Apple pricing, those that can afford these HDTVs will most likely have a display that is about 50 inch or even larger. Even if Apple releases them next year, I just don't think that people would be compelled to downgrade their TV in terms of size. Size does matter after all when it comes to TV displays. Those who have yet to buy an HDTV, I don't think they would be compelled to pay the "Apple pricing" in order to get a 30+ inch display either, especially when they could get a 40+ inch display for as little as $600. Again, this all depends on how Apple will be pricing their upcoming HDTVs, but then again, it is still too early to tell. [via 9to5Mac]

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