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Apple Files Another Lawsuit Against Samsung for Galaxy Tab Covers

To those who have keeping tabs on everything Apple, you should be well aware that the Cupertino giant is currently involved in a series of court room battles and one of the most notable opposition of Apple in these series of legal battles is South Korean company, Samsung. Now in the latest happening of seemingly never ending patent infringement cases, Apple now claims that Samsung is also copying their cases and covers as well.

Samsung Case for Galaxy Tab
After failing to keep Samsung's Galaxy 10.1 tablet off the Australian market, Apple is now claiming that the case for the device as well as for the Samsung phones have violated at least 10 patents. Not much details have been provided with the claim but it is said to be started when the Samsung started referring to their Smart Cover lookalike covers to be "Samsung Certified." The said infringing Galaxy Tab cover was being sold in South Korea and is manufactured by a company called Anymode. Samsung was quick to pull out the case off the shelves, stating that the "certification" was an "oversight" by the company.

As of now, Apple and Samsung have filed over 30 lawsuits against each other. With the recent win of Samsung against Apple, the South Korean company is now pushing their patent infringement case against several Apple products which are the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and iPad 2 to March. Samsung has chosen to push the March date because of a similar trial in the German court regarding same issue. Apple is now asking the courts to delay the trial. “This matter can’t be ready in time for March,” Apple's lawyer Stephen Burly said. “It’d be unfair to Apple if the case were to be hurried on.”

What do you think about the legal battles between these two? Do you these court battles this are getting old? [via ModMyi]

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