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Angry Birds 2.0 for iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch Now Available [iTunes Link]

At this point, Angry Birds is got to be one of the most popular game on mobile devices, if not the most popular ever. If you ask an iOS device user if he or she has Angry Birds installed, the most likely reply would be, "of course". And now the most popular paid app has just recently celebrated its 2nd birthday. And to celebrate the Angry Birds 2nd birthday, developer Rovio rolls out version 2.0.

Angry Birds Logo
For its 2nd birthday, the extremely popular app is getting quite a considerable update. For starters, the game will now support new menus and graphics. And aside from that, by upgrading to version 2.0, players will now be able to play through all episodes as they are now unlocked by default. So this means that you can simply jump on any point in the game and start your bird flinging fun. Just to be clear, it is the episodes that are unlocked, all 15 of them, not the levels. You will still have to do your fair share of bombarding pigs in order to unlock those locked levels. And to go with this special occasion, developer Rovio has added 15 new birthday cake themed levels, for free.
Angry Birds 2.0
Just to clear things up, Angry Birds 2.0 is not a separate title but an update to the existing version that's found in the App Store. And you can update through your iDevice online, through iTunes or you can use the download link which we will be providing at the bottom of this post.
Angry Birds 2.0 Orange Bird
For those who are absolutely clueless about the game, Angry Birds is a physics based game where your main objective is to destroy the evil green pigs and their defenses by flinging different colored birds, each with their own special abilities into the air using a slingshot. Sounds like a mouthful but trust us, it is FUN. How else would you explain its phenomenal popularity? And this game will simply cost you a buck, so we suggest you try it now if you haven't already.

So for those who are not yet tired of flinging birds into those greedy pigs, you can download Angry Birds 2.0 through the iTunes Link provided below.

Download Angry Birds 2.0 from the iTunes App Store for $0.99.

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