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60beat GamePad: Bring Console-Style Controls to Your iOS Games [VIDEO]

There is no denying that gaming on the iOS has surely taken off and over time it has definitely become a legitimate gaming platform. But iOS gaming being exclusively on touchscreen is a limitation by itself. If you have been an avid iOS gamer, then chances are high that you have come across games with bad touch controls. A fact which is nothing short of frustrating. If you are someone who shares such frustration, then you must check out this cool new accessory .

60Beat Gamepad
The name of this particular gadget is called 60beat GamePad. Basically it is a console-style joypad which hooks into your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch through the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack. The cord of the controller itself is about 4 ft. long so you can hook it into your iOS device in a rather unobtrusive way and make sure that your gaming sessions are undisturbed. Check out the video below for the 60beat GamePad:

As you can see from the video, the peripheral has a plug-and-play feel to it which means that in order to start using the 60beat GamePad, you just need to plug it in. No need to configure or install anything because as you plug the control pad into the headphone jack, the onscreen controls disappear. The control pad utilizes a dual-stick analog scheme similar to the PlayStation dual-shock controllers. Another neat feature of this peripheral is the lack of need for batteries.

While it definitely looks like a great idea, 60beat GamePad does have a couple of major drawbacks. First is the lack of support for games. As of this writing, only two games are supported which are Bugdom 2 and Aftermath. Games are needed to be written with support for 60beat GamePad so they would work. According to 60beat, a plethora of games will be added for support early next year. Another drawback is the fact that it utilizes the headphone jack. So if you want to use your headphones while playing with 60beat GamePad, you are out of luck. Making it wireless would have been more preferable. Another drawback is the price point which is available for $49.99. Considering the number of games it supports, it would be tough justifying such a purchase.

60beat GamePad has some potential to be a must-have accessory for iOS gaming enthusiasts but as of now it still feels too limited. It would be interesting to see support for first-person shooters and the most recently released Grand Theft Auto III. We'll keep an eye on this one. [via ModMyi]

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