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Wondering Why Siri Port for iPhone 4 & iPod Touch 4G Isn’t Available Yet? Here are the Reasons

If you have been keeping tabs on everything about iPhone 4S or perhaps you even already own one, then you should be aware by now that one of the main selling points of the new iPhone is the speech-controlled artificial intelligence called Siri. Based on the video demonstrations we saw, Siri is a really fun addition with some serious potential. Although one could dismiss it as a gimmick as well. We previously brought to you a report that Siri has been successfully ported to the iPhone 4 and even the iPod touch 4G. But you must be wondering why it hasn't been made available to the public yet.

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Chpwn, jailbreak hacker and one of the brilliant minds responsible for the successful port of Siri to iPhone 4 and iPod touch, has come up with a few reasons why it is not possible to distribute the port or how they did it.

First reason that was cited by Chpwn has something to do with the legality of the distribution. Basically, distribution of those Siri files will be in violation of copyright laws. Any files, software, images and data that are found inside the iOS are owned by Apple since those were created by them. And because of this, it is within Apple's discretion what other people can do with them whether copy, distribute, adapt, modify the said contents. Just because the data is freely available from Apple's website (IPSW files) or within the devices itself, it doesn't mean that anyone can freely distribute them without legal consequences.
iPhone Siri Assistant
Now that the legal reasons have been covered, we move on to the more technical reason why distributing Siri isn't all that simple. The files that makes up Siri is available only in the firmware intended for the iPhone 4S and not with other iOS builds. So the required Siri files are needed to be copied from a running iPhone 4S or its corresponding firmware. So the first method requires you to own an iPhone 4S which is pointless since it already has Siri in it. The second methods calls for a more technical approach. The firmware files are decrypted and Chpwn doesn't have the decryption key needed to access the Siri files inside the firmware. And with that said, to avoid any copyright violation, you should already own an iPhone 4S.

So as of now, distribution of files that would enable Siri to run on older hardware is not possible at the moment. So chances are very slim. But according to Chpwn, they are actively working on decrypting the iPhone 4S firmware file so that it can be distributed legally even without owning an iPhone 4S.

So there you have it folks, this news is a bit of a downer since the prospect of running Siri in an iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G is certainly quite exciting. But we trust that the jailbreak community will be able to find a way to have Siri run on older hardware without incurring the wrath of Apple's lawyers. [via ChpwnBlog]

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    DuRoLuRo9 years, 11 months ago

    Now all we need is an application which can extract the necessary files from the 4S ipsw, and generate the code needed for Siri to work. I certainly hope it’s possible :D