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Top 10 iOS 5 Notification Center Jailbreak Tweaks & Widgets

If you are a regular reader of our blog, then chances are you are already running iOS 5 on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. As you may already know, one of the most notable new feature in the iOS 5 is the fully revamped notification system called Notification Center. While this new feature does what it does admirably on its default settings, what really makes the Notification Center stand out is its potential for added functionality. This is especially true concerning the jailbreak scene because developers seem to flock on the new notification system in order to develop tweaks and apps. Now here are the top 10 awesome jailbreak widgets and tweaks for iOS 5's Notification Center.

iOS 5 Notification Center
NOTE: Most of these tweaks and widgets do not have a Springboard icon for activation and configuration. But most of them can be activated / deactivated by navigating to and to the Notifications section.


WeeKillBackground Widget
If you have the habit of opening many number of apps on a daily basis, then chances are that by the end of the day, you have dozens of apps running in the background. The un-terminated apps are still consuming memory which can slow down your device, not to mention that it continues to consume battery life as well. Now with WeeKillBackground, you will have a single tap app terminator right on the iOS 5 Notification Center. Just tap the "Tap to close all Apps" button located on the pull-down drawer.

WeeKillBackground is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


WeeSearch Widget
Don't you ever wish that there's a way for you to quickly search Google, YouTube or Wikipedia? Well here's a tweak for you. This is a super simple tweak that adds search functionality to the Notification Center. WeeSearch gives the user four search engines: Google, YouTube, Wikipedia and Dictionary. Kind of limited but it should be enough for daily use. After entering your search query, you will be redirected to Mobile Safari with the search results.

WeeSearch is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


NowListening Widget
If you love using your device to play music files, then you should really love this tweak. What this tweak does is that it displays an iOS 5 styled notification banner across the top of your screen whenever a new song plays on the Tapping on the notification will open the Music / iPod app. Definitely useful for music lovers out there.

NowListening is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for FREE.

NotificationCenter Enhancer

NotificationCenter Enhancer Tweak
NotificationCenter Enhancer isn't really a widget but more of a tweak to the Notification Center. By default, the Notification Center only displays four lines of text (for long messages). But if you install this tweak, the readable lines can now be increased to 11, enabling you to read the entirety or a large chunk of your SMS, MMS, email and more right from the Notification Center.

NotificationCenter Enhancer is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $0.99.


OmniStat Widget
Stat junkies will certainly appreciate this next jailbreak widget for iOS 5 Notification Center. OmniStat is basically a stat widget that enables you to view various stats of your iOS device such as its name, WiFI IP, network, MAC address and so on. In addition to that, there is also a Process Manager where you can view all the running processes on your device. And then there is the Memory Manager where you can view just how much memory your device is consuming, represented in a beautiful and colorful pie chart. Tapping the pie chart allows you to free some memory. All in all, it is a great widget and it is free.

OmniStat is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


WeeCompose Widget
Want another way to quick way to send SMS or email? Well here's a tweak just for you called WeeCompose for Notification Center. As you might already guess, WeeCompose enables the user to quickly compose an email or message directly from the pull-down drawer of Notification Center. It even features a counter for those who are not using iMessage. Highly recommended for those who use their iPhone to send emails or SMS which is pretty much everyone.

WeeCompose is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

Favorite Contacts

Favorite Contacts Widget
Yet another Notification Center widget that allows you to quickly access your iPhone's function right from the pull-down notification interface. As its name implies Favorite Contacts displays your contacts that are assigned to your speed dial function. What makes this widget neat is the fact that it does not only display the contact's name but also his or her photo as well and it looks great. Tapping on a contact's name will bring up the Call, Message, and Email dialog.

Favorite Contacts is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $1.00.

Music Center

Music Center Widget
Another widget that caters to those who likes playing music on their iDevice. Music Center basically places the basic controls of your device's Music app such as Play, Pause, Stop, Next or Previous Song to the Notification Center. And while a song is playing, all sorts of information about the song will be displayed in the Notification Center such as song title, album and it will even display the album art. You can even choose to tweet the currently playing song if you want. Definitely a very useful app for those who uses their iDevice as a music player.

Music Center is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $1.49.


SBSettings Notification Center
You didn't really think that this tweak will not make an appearance on this list, did you? The ever popular jailbreak tweak is back on iOS 5 and it is better than ever. For uninitiated, SBSettings lets you conveniently access your most frequently accessed toggles just by swiping the status bar. The developers have integrated SBSettings into the iOS 5's Notification Center, so you do not need to swipe the status screen anymore. For further customization, you can also choose to theme this tweak as well. This is one of those jailbreak tweaks that fully justifies jailbreaking your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch and we highly recommend it.

SBSettings is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for FREE.


IntelliscreenX Notification Center
We have brought this tweak into your attention in the past (here and here) and now we're happy to tell you that it has finally made its way to Cydia. With this tweak, you will be able to access the notification center from the iOS lockscreen. And this means that all your installed widgets and tweaks found on this list will work on the lockscreen as well. You can also choose to install super widgets on the main display in order to access apps like Twitter, Facebook, RSS feed and email. Above all these widgets also refresh in real time. This is the way Notification Center should be done on the iOS 5.

IntelliscreenX is available in Cydia under the BigBoss repo for $9.99.

Needless to say, all of these will only work with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch jailbroken on iOS 5. Here are some of our guides that you can use if you haven't done it yet. If you have installed the iOS 5.0 build, read our Redsn0w tutorial for a tethered solution. For a semi-tethered jailbreak however, read our complete guide here. For users who have gotten the latest firmware update, check out our iOS 5.0.1 final guide here.

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