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Retina Display iPad 3 Codenamed “J2” Found Buried in iOS 5 Code

With the iPhone 4S finally seeing the light of the day more than a month ago, the media has now set its eye on Apple's next big thing which is certainly the next generation iPad. There have been past reports indicating that Apple is already working on the iPad 3 and it will enter its production phase before the year ends. Of course, said reports were dismissed as rumors but it seems that 9to5Mac found the codename of the new iPad inside the iOS 5 beta which sort of confirms it.

iPad 3
According to an earlier report of DigiTimes, they have sources who claims that Apple has given two of their new tablets the codenames "J1" and "J2" and it was revealed that both will be a significant improvement over the iPad 2 in terms of size, specifications and technologies. The folks over at 9to5Mac was able to confirm these codename when they discovered it buried deep within the iOS 5 beta. And this gives credence to the floating rumors that the next iPad will feature a new Retina Display, dual LED light bars and new improved high resolution display.
Retina Display iPad 3 in iOS 5 Code
It is said that Apple is yet to decide which between the J1 and J2 models to release but it seems that J2 is actually the 3G model of the iPad 3 (J2 was also found alongside other CDMA iOS devices). Although it was not found within the iOS 5 code, the possibility that a J1 exists is still feasible. The J2 being present on the iOS 5 code indicates that the device is possibly being tested right now against the new iOS 5 firmware. And as you can see from the screenshot provided above, there is also the presence of a T39 device which is likely a device that connects to cellular networks.

Things are finally starting to make sense and it should only be matter of time before we get more substantial evidence of the iPad 3's existence. Stay tune with use for more iPad 3 news. [via 9to5Mac]

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