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iPhone 4S Pre-Ordered Units in Hong Kong Sold Out in 10 Minutes

There is no doubt that iPhone 4S is another smartphone hit for Apple. Which isn't really surprising considering how it managed to get sold out during its pre-order phase. And as if that wasn't enough, the iPhone 4S broke sales record by selling 4 million units on its first three days since its launch date. The iPhone 4S is touted as the most successful iPhone launch in history. As of now, the Cupertino company is in the process of making their new iPhone available in more countries worldwide. And based on this new report, we can add Hong Kong to that list.

iPhone 4S
The iPhone 4S being sold in Hong Kong isn't exactly newsworthy by itself but according to a report by AllThingsD, Apple's new iPhone sold out on the first 10 minutes since it was made available. Yes, 10 whole minutes, not even an hour. Just to be clear, these are actually preordered units which should give one an idea just how eager Hong Kong consumers are for Apple's latest and greatest smartphone. Considering how fast those iPhone 4S units went, one can also expect rapid purchases once it finally hits the local Apple Stores. No details have been provided as to how many actual units were made available for preorder.

This is all according to Brian White, an analyst of Ticonderoga Securities. "In our view, this is a very positive sign for iPhone 4S demand in Greater China as Hong Kong represents the first entry of the new smartphone in the rapidly growing region and we expect the 4S to reach Mainland China in December" says White. Eager Hong Kong residents who didn't manage to place their preorders will have to make their way to their local Apple Stores this coming Friday. Although they may want to camp outside the store starting now in order to secure a spot for an iPhone 4S unit.

When the 4S was announced back in last month's "Let's Talk iPhone" event, many netizens were actually disappointed by the fact that it wasn't a redesigned model but rather a souped-up version of the previous generation iPhone. Many people were also disappointed by the fact that it didn't feature a larger screen. But despite the vocal displeasure of the internet community, this doesn't seem to affect iPhone 4S's sale at all, as you can see from this report or any other previous ones for that matter. No word on the iPhone 5 yet, but considering just how rumors work, we should be hearing more about it soon.

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    Lawrence9 years, 11 months ago

    Yup, most of these are going to the mainland, as opposed to staying in HK.

    Despite the huge demand within China, we’re still 3rd class citizens according to Apple.
    Hence the huge grey import market, which swamps their “legitimate” outlets turnover wise.

    Jimmy9 years, 11 months ago

    I am currently in Hong Kong and one of my mate offered a “job” to queue up in the IFC (where the only apple store in HK) for 900 HKD (~110USD) the demand in China is so large that Hong Kong simplify gives the best rate of getting an iPhone 4S and it comes unlocked ;)

    Personally.. I ain’t going to buy nothing until the jailbreak pop up.