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Help Chronic Dev Team in Finding iOS 5 Exploits With CDev Crash Reporter [Direct Links]

If you are someone who's familiar with the jailbreak scene, then you should also be aware that there are a couple of jailbreak collectives that works on giving us the most useful tools and applications. One such group is the Chronic Dev Team, the guys responsible for the ever popular GreenPois0n jailbreak tool. As mentioned by prominent Chronic-Dev member Joshua Hill AKA p0sixninja, his team is currently working on something big behind the scenes and even hinted that it could be the highly sought untethered jailbreak for iOS 5. Now, Chronic-Dev Team released a new tool that could help in finding exploits within the iOS 5.

CDev Reporter
The news was brought to us by p0sixninja himself through one of his recent tweets and as the news was posted on the GreenPois0n blog. Although everyone got quite excited before the announcement as it was widely thought to be a jailbreak release, the announcement instead involved the release of C-Dev Crash Reporter. A crash data recovery tool that copies all the crash reports from an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. In under normal circumstances, these reports are usually sent to Apple but with the tool installed, that data will instead be redirected to a server hosted by the Chronic-Dev Team. This tool could prove to be highly beneficial in finding future exploits within the iOS 5.
Chronic-Dev Crash Reporter
As you might already know, since the iOS 5 betas, Apple has been stepping up their game when it comes to jailbreak-proofing its mobile operating system. Remember when Chronic-Dev Team announced that they have found a couple of userland exploits inside the iOS 5 that could potentially lead to an untethered jailbreak? Well, unfortunately Apple has found a few of those exploits during the iOS 5's beta phase. Now the Chronic-Dev Team has waged an "all-out, no-holds-barred information WAR" against Apple and they will be using their own weapon against them. All in the name of quickly bringing in the iOS 5 untethered jailbreak into the user's hands.

So the Chronic-Dev Team is imploring for your much needed help and support on this matter. The software itself is very easy to use. Simply plug in your iOS device, open the application and click on the "Do It" button and that's it. C-Dev Crash Reporter is now available in Windows and Mac. So if you believe in the essence of jailbreaking, you should really consider lending them a hand by sending in your reports periodically. Download links are below.

Download Links:

Download CDev Reporter 1.0 Beta for Mac
Download CDev Reporter 1.0 Beta for Windows
[via GreenPois0nBlog]

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