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Factory Unlocked iPhone 4S Now Available for U.S. Customers

Last month, we brought to you a report that Apple will eventually be selling factory unlocked, contract free units of iPhone 4S. The pegged time frame was said to be November. And guess what? Now is the time. Yes, U.S. customers can finally get their hands on factory unlocked models of iPhone 4S.

iPhone 4S
This particular bit of news came straight from Cupertino company as the they have updated the Apple Online Store to enable customers to order the factory unlocked models of the new iPhone, free from any carrier contract. According to various reports, factory unlocked iPhone 4S were made available to U.S. but they were only sold through select retail Apple Stores. Now if you have been waiting to get your hands on a factory unlocked unit of the new iPhone, simply log on to the Apple Online Store and place your orders. That is granted of course, that you live in the United States.

As per usual, the unlocked iPhone 4S is available three different models based on storage capacity: the 16GB ($649), 32GB ($749) and 64GB ($849). This unlocked iPhone 4S units will only work with GSM networks and will be using a micro-SIM card. So it will work with local GSM networks, as well as internationally. The unlocked units will not work with CDMA based carriers like Verizon or Sprint.
iPhone 4S Unlocked Models
On a side note, now that the unlocked iPhone 4S units are now made available, Sprint will start to SIM-lock their 4S units. Customers who have bought their 4S on 11/11/11 and later will have their phones SIM-locked upon activation of their devices. Now new Sprint customers will have to contact Sprint Worldwide if they wish to use their iPhone 4S internationally. The phone will then be authenticated and the customer will need to sign-up for an international rate plan. Once that's done the phone will then have GSM roaming capabilities.

The iPhone 4S launched on October 14th last month after it was announced during the "Let's Talk iPhone" earlier that month. The 4S managed to sell over four million units during its first launch weekend breaking sales records and is touted as the "most successful iPhone launch" ever. Battery issues have plagued the iPhone 4S but it was quickly addressed by Apple by releasing a firmware update for iOS 5, the iOS 5.0.1.

So will you be buying a factory unlocked iPhone 4S?

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