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Bug Found in iOS 5 May Lead to Untethered Jailbreak, Says Chronic-Dev Member

With the release of iOS 5 less than a month ago, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users all over the world are treated to Apple's most advanced mobile operating system yet. If you are a regular Jaxov reader, then chances are you've already opened your device to wonderful perks of jailbreaking. You should also be quite aware that as of now, only tethered jailbreaks are available for iOS 5. A new jailbreak type called semi-tethered has been provided by the jailbreak community but I think many will agree that an untethered solution is most preferable. Well one hacker from the jailbreak community has provided an update about it.

The update came from pod2g, a core member of the Chronic-Dev Team through his Twitter account. According to his tweet, he found a bug that can potentially jailbreak iOS 5 untethered. No additional details have been provided but we are assuming that it has something to do with the five userland exploits that were found in iOS 5 which was revealed by P0sixninja back in September's MyGreatFest. For the untethered jailbreak, unlike bootrom exploits, userland exploits are available through all iDevices granted that they are running the same firmware version where the exploits are found. This means that the untethered solution will work even with the iPad 2 and the new iPhone 4S. A good example of a userland exploit was Comex's JailbreakMe 3.0 which allowed untethered jailbreaks across all devices running iOS 4.3.3.
Pod2g Tweet
Most jailbreakers would rather wait for an untethered solution before upgrading to iOS 5 which is pretty understandable. While it still provides the same components and features, a tethered solution can be very cumbersome especially if you are always traveling. If you want the next best thing to an untethered solution, you can try convert your tethered jailbreak to semi-tethered one (Read full guide here). A semi-tethered jailbreak allows you to use your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch even if it reboots without the need to connect it to a computer. The only limitation is that you won't be able to access your jailbreak tweaks and apps until you run it over a program like Redsn0w.

As stated, no additional details have been provided by pod2g not even an estimated release date. Despite that, it is great to know that significant progress have been made towards an iOS 5 untethered jailbreak. Take it as some sort of assurance, that yes, we will be getting an untethered solution sooner or later. Chronic Dev is the same team that announced that the iOS 5 untethered solution has been already covered. These guys have an impressive track record when it comes to its contribution to the jailbreak community so you can trust that they will surely deliver.

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    A-I-19 years, 11 months ago

    Really Need this jailbreak. Cause i wanna test siri on my ip4 ios5… :-)

    Helen9 years, 11 months ago

    Oh, I’m SO waiting for this JB.
    I want to upgrade to ios 5 but I think its better to wait for an untethered one…

    Deepika Jain9 years, 11 months ago

    I am Waiting!!!.. Desperately!!!