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BatterySense: Get The Most Out of Your Battery Life With This Free App [iTunes Link]

It has been almost a month since Apple's latest and greatest smartphone has hit the stores. Customers have been giving positive feedbacks about the device especially the camera and based on its record breaking sales, Apple is looking at another smartphone hit. But there's one serious problem that has been plaguing early iPhone 4S adopters. If you have been paying attention to the news lately, then you'll know that the problem concerns about the device's battery life which runs out of juice in a seemingly rapid manner. Today, we have an app for you that should help curb the problem.

BatterySense by Philips
The app in question that could help you conserve your device's battery life is called BatterySense by Philips Consumer Lifestyle. Do not get us wrong, this isn't an app that actually slows down battery consumption because even if you install this your iPhone will still consume the same amount of juice. As stated on its iTunes page, BatterySense helps you get the most out of your device's remaining battery, prolonging its life just enough for you to charge it again. You simply tell the app what you need to do and for how long and it can recommend just what sort of settings to configure based on your device's remaining juice.
BatterySense Screenshots 1
BatterySense boasts a neat feature called "What If" which provides an interactive way for you to see just how will you be able to prolong battery life by changing specific settings on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. You will simply need to slide your finger to a certain battery level and the app will provide you with the best recommendations in order to achieve it. Just to be clear, BatterySense doesn't actually change any settings for you, it merely provides the appropriate recommendations. Obviously, some variances may occur depending on numerous factors such as your battery's age. And the best part, BatterySense can be yours for absolutely no cost. It has been updated recently to be compatible with the iPhone 4S.
BatterySense Screenshots 2
The seemingly degraded battery life on devices running iOS 5 is somehow quite alarming. A fact that Apple even admitted themselves which prompted the company to release two betas of iOS 5.0.1 that aims to address the issue. One can only hope that the problem indeed lies with software and not the hardware so that it can be easily remedied. If you find yourself always running out of juice, you can try this fix. Coupled with an app like BatterySense, hopefully it can help people deal with their existing battery woes.

Download BatterySense app from the iTunes App Store for FREE.

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