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Apple Rumored to Develop AirPlay Mirroring & iMessage Applications for Mac OS X

A couple of months ago, Apple fans were treated to a new release of the Cupertino company's latest desktop operating system in the form of Mac OS X Lion. Lion has an impressive offering of new features and is considered to be an major overhaul of Mac. One notable thing about the OS X Lion is the fact that Apple seems to make it more like its mobile operating system, the iOS. Many features of the iOS were ported to OS X Lion in an effort to improve the user experience. Now a new report just came that Apple is working again to bring new features to Lion straight from iOS.

The report came from dedicated Apple Intelligence blog - 9to5Mac. They stated that they were able to talk to sources that are fairly familiar with the Cupertino outfit's future plans. According to the source, Apple is currently developing AirPlay Mirroring (a feature exclusive to the iPad 2 and iPhone 4S) and iMessage (an iOS 5 feature) applications for the Mac OS X. There is no guarantee that both applications will ever be released but the sources claim that their release for future version of OS X Lion is heavily considered.
iOS 5 AirPlay Mirroring Real Racing 2
For the uninitiated, AirPlay Mirroring is a feature that enables users to wirelessly stream whatever it is that's displayed in an iPad 2 or iPhone 4S to an HDTV via Apple TV, allowing for a bigger display. Now if such feature is made available for the OS X, users will now be able to stream their Mac's display to an HDTV, a separate monitor or even a projector. In that case, this should definitely be useful during corporate presentations and the likes. Not to mention that it should also help in bumping up the sales of Apple TVs. It is said that AirPlay video streaming will be integrated into QuickTime X as well.
iOS 5 iMessage Across Devices
iMessage on the iOS 5 allows iDevice users to send SMS to another user for free, this is granted that they are running iOS 5 as well. Now if ever it is ported over to the OS X, it was speculated that it will be integrated with the operating system's iChat application. Although, there has been no word whether it will indeed be integrated into iChat or will it be released as a standalone application. With that said, Mac users will be able to send free SMS to any user with an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch that runs under iOS 5. [via 9to5Mac]

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