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Apple Planning to Release Two New iPad Models Next Year [RUMOR]

The new iPhone or rather the iPhone 4S is responsible for a huge chunk of rumors that we have been receiving prior to its announcement and release. Things seems to have settled down as the world becomes preoccupied with their shiny new iPhone. But it seems that the time is right for rumors to start rolling in. This time around, a rumor about Apple's tablet, the iPad, surfaces. According to a report, the Cupertino company is planning to release two iPad models in 2012.

iPad 3
The report came straight from Taiwan based IT insiders, DigiTimes. A couple of weeks ago, we brought to you a report that Apple is said to begin the production of iPad 3 before the year ends with the projected release date on March 2012. Note that it is a full year after the iPad 2 was made available, a typical release cycle for the fruit company. But according to sources that are involved with the upstream supply chain, the said iPad that will be coming out in March next year is not the product sequel to the iPad 2. Which basically means it will not be the expected iPad 3.

The iPad that will be coming out in March 2012 is rather a souped-up version of the current iPad 2, kind of like the iPhone 4S to the iPhone 4. According to DigiTimes, the upgraded version of the iPad 2 will feature a thinner form factor and longer battery life. So how about the long-rumored iPad 3? Based on the report, we will not be seeing the iPad 3 until the third quarter of the 2012. Based on the rumors that have been floating around, the iPad 3 will feature an even faster A6 processor chip and a 2048×1536 Retina Display resolution which is twice that of the iPad 2. Apple allegedly is not in a hurry to launch a new iPad model since the iPad 2 continues to dominate the tablet market.
Apple iPad

The iPad 2 upgrade will be thinner than iPad 2, and will offer longer battery life. Due to the Lunar New Year holidays in China in January, Apple has decided to start small volume shipments in the fourth quarter of 2011, the sources noted.

So two iPads in one year? Well, that certainly sounds familiar but as you all know it never went anywhere. So will Apple adapt a iPad release cycle that's similar to the iPhone? Which by that, we mean that a major revision and an upgraded version will be released alternately for each year? Will the upgraded iPad 2 be called the "iPad 2S?" So many questions but it is still too early to speculate. Expect to hear more news about the new iPad in the future.

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