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Watch the iPhone 4S Siri Running on an iPhone 4 [VIDEOS]

There is no denying that Apple's new smartphone the iPhone 4S is currently one of the hottest headlines in the world of tech. As you probably already know, the iPhone 4S has already been made available and as expected, it was selling like hotcakes like it's nobody's business. If you have been paying attention to the news about the iPhone 4S, then you will most likely know that one of its most noteworthy feature is the inclusion of the speech-controlled artificial intelligence Siri. And yes, it is supposedly an iPhone 4S exclusive. I said supposedly because based on this report, that might not be the case anymore.

iPhone 4S Siri
The report came straight from Apple intelligence blog 9to5Mac which indicates that they have been working with a developer named Steven Troughton-Smith in order to port the iPhone 4S exclusive Siri application to the iPhone 4. If anyone can recall, a week ago we brought to you a report that jailbreak hackers have been planning to port Siri into the iPhone 4 and iPod touch 4G. And now it seems that Troughton-Smith has already taken the initial steps for porting iPhone 4S Siri and Springboard files into an iPhone 4. Check out this demo of Siri running in an iPhone 4:

One thing that you will most likely notice is just how sluggish the application is. According to 9to5Mac, the issue does not lie within Siri but with the iPhone 4. In order to run Siri properly, the iPhone 4 will be needing a special GPU driver which was unfortunately not included in the iPhone 4S binary cache where the Siri files are found. Another issue that prevents Siri from working like a charm is that Apple will not be authenticating commands to its servers from an iPhone 4.

But besides that, it seems that Siri on the iPhone 4 has the ability to recognize speech commands both in the standard Siri view and the keyboard Dictation view. And not only that, Siri on the iPhone 4 can also speak back to the user which is quite neat. After playing around with it some more, Troughton-Smith managed to enable the GPU which resulted to a significant improvement in performance. Here's another follow-up video Troughton-Smith made:

And there you have it folks, the iPhone 4S's Siri ported over to the iPhone 4. According to 9to5Mac, there are no technical reasons as to why Apple won't enable Siri on the iPhone 4. It is said that the iPhone 4 hardware, specifically the A4 chip is perfectly capable of running Siri's artificial intelligence system. If that's the case, then there's no reason this shouldn't be in the iPhone 4. One can only conclude that the reason why Apple made Siri an iPhone 4S exclusive is so that it contributes to the reasons why people would be compelled to upgrade.

As you can see, this particular Siri port is not yet finished and still needs quite a lot of work. But let's give it a month and everything should be running smoothly by then. [via 9to5Mac]

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    ganesh10 years ago

    awesome ….
    finally it seems like iphone4 users can get their hands on siri :D
    im rooting for you Troughton-Smith