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See the Evolution of the iPhone’s Camera Over the Years [IMAGES]

There is no denying that the iPhone 4S is currently the hottest go-to gadget right now, especially for Apple enthusiasts. One of the most notable improvements of the iPhone 4S from its predecessor, the iPhone 4, is the upgraded camera specs. The iPhone 4S has an 8 megapixel camera, compared to the iPhone 4's 5 megapixel shooter, the improvement is certainly beyond significant. The camera is even capable of producing professional looking 1080p resolution music videos.

iPhone 4S Camera
But one may ask, just how much improvement does the iPhone 4S's camera have over its predecessors? Sure the numbers are there but for many users those are simply techno-babble. Well, professional photographer Lisa Bettany (of Camera+ app fame) is up to the task and took shots and compared each every iPhone in existence up to the iPhone 4S. This is to see just how much the iPhone camera has evolved. Numbers and specs are good but as they say a picture is worth a thousand words. So without further ado, here's the comparison pics:
iPhone Cameras Comparison
iPhone Cameras Comparison 2
As you can see from the pictures above, the iPhone camera has indeed come a long way. Based on the shots taken by the original iPhone and iPhone 3G, who would believe that the old iPhone camera were this low quality as the shots were more of a blur than anything? If you can notice, the shots started to show a definite improvement by the time the iPhone 3GS came out. It is worth noting that the original iPhone and the 3G are incapable of macro focus and again, it was not an issue anymore by the time the iPhone 3GS came. And of course, by the time it went to the iPhone 4S the shots were nothing short of excellent and almost comparable with a point and shoot camera, the Canon S95, which costs $500.

It is definitely interesting to see just how much the iPhone camera has evolved over the years. A photography aficionado will tell you that there's more to a camera than just megapixels which is definitely true. At the end of the day, in terms of overall quality a DSLR will always be better than a built-in smartphone camera. But it is hard to deny that progress of the iPhone camera and it is even more impressive that it is not even a dedicated camera device. It is safe to say that those who loves taking photos are definitely in for a treat with the iPhone 4S. [via, Petapixel]

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