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Samsung Becomes the No. 1 Smartphone Manufacturer Worldwide in Q3 2011

The competition in the smartphone market dominance is no less than fierce as you see major players such as Apple and Samsung duking it out over the past years. A couple of months ago, Apple secured itself as the smartphone manufacturer to beat as it surpasses former no. 1 smartphone maker Nokia and became the top smartphone manufacturer worldwide. As Q3 of 2011 wraps itself up, the South Korean company manages to overtake the Cupertino outfit and becomes the new no. 1 smartphone vendor.
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The report came from Business Wire where they cited global, independent research firm Strategy Analytics' latest research. According to Alex Spektor, Senior Analyst at Strategy Analytics, global smartphone shipments grew by about 44% with 117 million units shipped on Q3 2011 alone. During that yearly quarter, Samsung managed to ship 28 million units with 24% market share. Spektor cited many different factors responsible for Samsung's rise such as the popularity of Android devices, elegant hardware designs and extensive global distribution.
Q3 2011 Marketshare
In contrast, only after one quarter on the top spot, Apple came in second to the South Korean giant managing only to capture 15% market share. The Cupertino company's global smartphone growth rate only managed to hit 21% annually in Q3 2011, which is also the company's lowest in two years. According to Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics Director, in addition to volatile economic conditions and tougher competition from Samsung's Galaxy S II, one of the factors that may have affected Apple's market share in Q3 is because consumers are awaiting the launch of the new iPhone 4S.

Now with the iPhone 4S already out for the consumers' enjoyment, something tells us that the numbers will tell a different story once the results for Q4 2011 is released. This is of course taking into account the success of the iPhone 4S's launch which was called by Apple to be the "most successful iPhone launch yet". [via BusinessWire]

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