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Here’s a Real-World Demo of iPhone 4S’s Siri, And it’s Pretty Awesome [VIDEO]

If you have been keeping yourself in the loop about Apple's latest smartphone the iPhone 4S, then you are aware that in just a few days it will finally hit the stores. The iPhone 4S is a considerable upgrade to the iPhone 4 boasting a highly improved processor and an 8 megapixel camera among all other improvements. But one particular feature of the iPhone 4S has certainly grabbed the attention of many when it was demonstrated last week at Apple's "Let's Talk iPhone" event. We are talking about of course the new exclusive iPhone 4S feature, Siri.

iPhone Siri Assistant
Siri, the iPhone 4S intelligent assistant brings speech-controlled artificial intelligence to your iPhone. The feature promises to enable users to control every command in the iPhone. It basically gives the user a personal assistant built right into your smartphone. There is no doubt that this is a pretty ambitious feature from Apple but one has to admit that the premise is very cool and it could be a potential game changer. The main concern about Siri is if it will work just as advertised. While it does look to be working admirably during the demo at the iPhone event, it was a controlled environment. But will it work in a real-world application and setting? Well here's a real-world demo of Siri courtesy of UK magazine Stuff, so you'll be the judge:

As you can see, the demo itself is pretty impressive and by the looks of it, it does work just as advertised. And yes, this demo of Siri was performed in a real-world setting and in a rather noisy environment. In the demo, they were able to give Siri a variety of commands like sending a text message and email, setting the alarm clock, inquiring about the weather, converting British pounds to US dollars and so on. Seeing the demo, we can say that the feature worked rather well all the time.

One noticeable and rather impressive thing about the demo is that it seems Siri is able to distinguish family members from the contact list. The user in the video commanded Siri to send a message a message to his brother and as well as send an email to his mom and on both accounts, Siri was able to accurately identify the required contact right away. We suspect that it is a setting that you can configure within Siri or perhaps you can designate an alias for each entry on your contact list.

This is definitely some impressive stuff here. One instance that we can find this particular to be extremely useful is when you are driving. But one would wonder if this particular feature would really catch on. Will people be really using this feature while in public? Will it end up to be just a gimmick, a novelty? Or is Apple about to set another standards that will be emulated in the future? We will just have to wait and see. [via Gizmodo]

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