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Kindle Fire Set to Outsell iPad According to Leaked Inventory Screenshots [IMAGE]

Almost a month ago, online retailer giant Amazon unveiled a whole slew of devices during an event in held in New York. To be quite specific, the company released new versions of its popular e-ink reader Kindle and a new device to compete in the tablet market, the Kindle Fire. Definitely the most notable announcement during that day was Kindle Fire which has an amazing price point of $199 which is a great deal considering all the features that are jammed in it. Now according to a leaked sales number, the Kindle Fire is set to outsell the Apple's tablet, the iPad.

The report came straight from Cult of Android, citing that a verified source from Amazon itself has provided them with screenshots straight from the company's inventory management system. According to the leaked screenshots, it shows that Amazon's first and ever tablet device has managed to receive pre-order numbers of over 50,000 per day which clocks at an average of 2,000 units per hour. Five days since Kindle Fire was made available for pre-order, Amazon received an impressive 250,000 pre-ordered units. And if such consumer demand continues, it is possible that the Kindle Fire will have managed to rack up 2.5 million pre-ordered units.
Kindle Fire Preorder
This means that if Kindle Fire does manage to move such number of units during its launch, then it would outsell both the iPad and iPad 2 during its first month sales. In contrast, the first iPad managed to sell 300,000 units when it was launched and about a million units during its first month. When the iPad 2 was released, Apple sold approximately 2.5 million units during the first month. Again, if Kindle Fire does manage to maintain the consumer demand, it could easily outdone both iteration of the iPad. But of course, this is still pre-order numbers and it is highly likely that there are those that will cancel out their total order numbers.

As mentioned before, the Kindle Fire is the first ever tablet device of Amazon. Amazon's Kindle range of devices is already popular on its own, so it is not a bit surprising that the Fire will be selling like hotcakes. And of course, probably one of the main contributing factor to its impressive pre-order numbers is the fact that it only costs $199. So chances are, those who are looking for a tablet device but somehow still affordable, Kindle Fire's excellent price point caught their attention. It looks like Amazon has a lot to be excited about. [via CultOfAndroid]

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